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This game used to be tolerable with the gem glitch that let you duplicate your gems that you got, so you could easily have enough gems for Soarin, or that awesome hacking tool that let you change your gems/hearts/etc. While I admit this is a step in the right direction, I think it's come too late, the prices for other areas are astronomical, there's little variety in the games aside from the mini cart game and for you Equestria Girls fans, the rhythm game is delayed as Seth said, and to me there's no real point in investing time into this. I'd say it's a decent experience, but only if Gems were easier to get. Balloon Pop is probably the most pivotal thing they need to fix so people don't waste all their gems trying to get Trixie or hearts trying to get other ponies. The worst part is some of these kinds of quests aren't skippable. Don't like Equestria Girls? Too bad, you've got to play the game eventually and chances are you'll misclick and end up using your gems. I'd like more variety in the leveling up too. Like maybe you don't have to play minigames to level up or you can play whatever game you'd like. I'll admit the ball bounce game is adorable but I don't want to have to play it with everypony.

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Aww... two of the best ponies paired up at last. Rarity needs to spend time with Rainbow, they barely interact. Well they do, but never one on one.

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Calling it right now. The mane six get babies at the end of the season. With whom? Probably the most popular pairings in the fandom.

That's what I'm hoping won't happen because the last thing we need is waifu thieves.

I'm looking at you, Soarin and Spike.

Seriously though, it looks like Skyla has been confirmed. And there's a chance "Brash Buck" or Guardshy or whatever we're calling Fluttershy's brother (who looks a heck of a lot like my OC Crimson Azure) is related to Scootaloo, and makes me wonder if we'll see the rest of RD's family this season too? Dashie could potentially have a brother we're not aware of too. (Maybe the pony everyone thought was her father was really her brother?)

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RD isn't fitness though. Hers is washing hands and eating right (wat) and visiting sick children..I can see her doing the latter two but the first one? She likes to get dirty so probably not.

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It's also about visiting sick children in the hospital which Dashie would definitely support being a friend to all children and all. Washing hands/hooves sounds more like something Rarity would support since I don't picture Dash being a germaphobe.

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Rainbow Dash: Eat well or I make you do 10,000 pushups 20% faster. *blows whistle* Let's move!

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Aww, the adorable VAs behind the CMC are growing up.

Great documentary, Claire. I'm happy to see the actresses themselves (and actors for the few side characters voiced by actual men) are acknowledging the fandom. Didn't she also do the ALS ice bucket challenge a few years back with Madeline Peters?

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Is there an auto spam filter? I can't seem to post anything about this video. The narrator sounds like Vanille from FFXIII.

Edit: I was trying to say thick Australian/British.