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“I don’t want to prosecute the guy,” she said, “I want to kill the guy.”

ditto. hopefully his "dog" will do it for you.

"More to the point, she said, she now simply feels pit bulls are too dangerous to have as pets."

yes, there are "good" pit bulls, but there is no way of knowing. they don't have to be bred and raised to fight. they don't have to be abused or neglected. they don't have to be rescues with unknown backgrounds. purebred pits from show, fighting and pet lines, raised with love from puppy hood with ears intact are also dangerous and unpredictable.

"With pit bulls, I now feel, unless you know the owner and the dog, it’s best to get out of the way.”

that is not a guarantee.

i am very sorry you lost your buddy, roberta.

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"Maybe this fire fighter's superiors aren't aware that people have to kill pit bulls very frequently to make an attack stop."

maybe his superiors are part of the problem. there is a long and on going history between firemen and dog fighting. i found a nice clean cut fireman in tennessee bragging online about telephone harassment of a denver city attorney. i wonder what actions his superiors took?

here's fire chief recently indicted for embezzlement

adrenaline junkies are often psychopaths.

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was prince telling people how to defend themselves in a pit bull attack or was he encouraging people to go out and preemptively kill pit bulls? there is a huge difference, one is criminal and the other is not. i would agree with the former but not latter but since the comments have been conveniently deleted, i am unable to make that judgement for myself.

i do wonder if chief gary brunoli is not a pit bull zealot himself. i can't remember ever seeing the details of disciplinary action made public. i've seen police officers and firemen accused of far worse and the outcome of the investigation usually goes something like "i am not at liberty to discuss the details of the case." wonder if the union has anything to say about that?

but experienced dogmen know what pit bulls are.
"I didn’t used to see much danger in one that was vicious, I knew a Bulldog could hurt a man but I don’t think I realized how bad, I wasn’t afraid of one. Now I’m a lot more wary of a maneater, they really can hurt you, even kill you. I honestly don’t believe that a grown man could get a sixty-five pound Bulldog off without a weapon, if it decided to attack him."
LESTER HUGHES, Old Mountain Man Kennels