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Of course he thinks his readers are stupid. He still thinks they are vastly more intelligent than Fox News viewers or Rush Limbaugh listeners. Imagine how brilliant he must think he himself is.

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this sort of thing just cracks me up. Bush and Obama both spent a lot of money, so let's just forget that Obama has spent five times as much as Bush. Obama continued an existing war instead of being rightfully accused of losing it, so let's forget that Obama called the surge a "failure" multiple times and would have abandoned Iraq to terrorism and chaos when it was politically convenient to do so.

I mean why not say "Bush and Obama both have two arms, so they're basically the same."

What an idiot.

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One thing I have learned in my 30+ years of watching the Left in action is that if the Left accuses the right of doing something, you could bet your mortgage on the fact that the Left is not only doing the same thing, but doing it in spades. Doing so is a way for them to justify their own actions by telling themselves "those evil wingnuts are doing it, so we HAVE to do it too." Once they've gotten over the very low hurdle of convincing themselves of that, that opens the door to everything from "journalistic" conspiracy to outright voter fraud. In the end it is impossible to convince them that conservatives aren't doing the same thing because their entire self-image is founded on the concept that conservatives are evil, so they have to be evil to keep up, but THEY are being evil for the good of mankind, so that makes their evil acts morph in their own minds into noble sacrifices for the greater good.

This is why Leftists have been the core of virtually every evil regime in the last 150 years. They are willing to NOBLY SACRIFICE their principles in order to pursue their ideology.

They do this with eyes wide open too. And they congratulate each other for doing it. That's what JournoList truly reveals.

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The reason proven fabricators and dissemblers like Mr. Bellesiles continue to find employment and to find publishing opportunities for their lies and distortions is because they reinforce the preferred media/liberal narrative.

The entire landsape of the left is overrun with confirmation bias. Leftist policies are so at odds with common sense and history that those who follow Leftist ideology are desperate for any scrap of "factual" support for their theories. It doesn't matter what the subject is, as long as someone provides some support for liberal ideology, the overwhelming majority of leftist ideologues will desperately grab that "proof" and spread it as far and as wide as they can to give them some personal vindication of their otherwise obviously at odds with reality views.

Everything about the Leftist ideology is a fantasy, and as such it should be no surprise that fantasies are the primary public "proof" of their ideaology's value.