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The mainstream western media always slander Golden Dawn by stating that
Golden Dawn blames immigrants and minorities for the economic situation of Greece.
GD supporters would have to regularly have to reiterate the GD blames the globalists
(although immigrants certainly don't help the situation). It was the immigrants they
blamed not for the economy but for the anti-Greek criminality.

AFP would be well advised not to fall into this media trap. The root cause of our economic
woes is certainly globalist policy makers. The so called "one percenters" that the even
the street liberals take issue with. Here they are:

Some of the globalists at the think tank institutes (i.e. CATO, AEI) continue to suggest that
industrial automation has been a reason for lack of job opportunity. The standard of living
declines as technology advances? Seems counter-intuitive and illogical.

Now imagine an economy that is as sovereign as 1950s USA but with 21st
century technology. This is the only place I know of that an optimal standard of living
can be truly realized.

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I think WordPress is going to have to implement a CAPTCHA.

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Actually, that bit about "whites not being capable of such acts" was sarcasm. It seems like lately whenever I post sarcasm anywhere it fails to get detected. Other websites are notoriously bad about this.

Lately, I go to anti-white places and post that France, Germany, Poland and Scandinavia should be given back to the "Native Americans." The anti-whites think I'm serious and start up-voting my posts. I guess I've found a new way to start making friends. But that was just sarcasm.

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I think the Baron of the Matrix is addressing the old segregated system
that excluded blacks from white schools. Also, when he says "we want it
for love not hate" he may be suggesting that the Brother's Keeper is for
the love of fellow blacks while the old segregation system was only for
the hatred of blacks.

There are some obvious fallacies here. Does he consider a policy of
retribution a better policy than reciprocity? Unfortunately, there are those
in our legislature that think so. A good policy of reciprocity would allow
for white schools, black schools, and keep with the constitutional principle
of separate-but-equal. Allowing for one but not the other violates the
separate-but-equal principle. Or maybe the Baron would like to just do
away with the Fourteenth Amendment?

And lest we forget, blacks do things for love of their own while
whites are simply not capable of such acts. It's just an innate part
of our white genetic character I suppose.

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"Beware the ides of March" says the soothsayer. Just kidding.

Over the last two or three years we've seen the proliferation of BUGS. Billboards, internet videos, music, demonstrations, and even the term
"white genocide" uttered in the European Parliament in Brussels. I suspect that BUGS is one of the primary motivating factors in the Google/Youtube censorship crackdown that took place last year. It might even be playing a role in some of the European street movements.

As for myself I prefer to use the phrase "demographic genocide" instead of "white genocide" as it enjoys much more political expedience and viability.

The most fundamental of all human rights just happens to be the most fundamental white nationalist principle:

A given race of people have a right to a government of their own, not to be governed by other races, to ensure non-oppression from other racial groups.

This principle is racial, but not racist. If the folks in the White Man March keep this principle in mind they will own the moral high ground.

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Ironically, Davos, Switzerland is the place were the globalists go to hold their
annual World Economic Forum. This takes place in late January. Within this meeting
is a group called "Davos Man." I believe this to be possibly the worst of the worst in
terms of globalist organizations. This is were they discuss the policy that destroys
national sovereignty, culture and race.

I hope to see the leadership of the Swiss People's Party condemn this group soon.

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The AFP has an impressively credentialed board of directors. But what is missing
from the board is an economist. A nationalist economist would advocate not for the
global economy like the one we have, but for a sovereign economy. I believe that a sovereign
economy, when implemented, would look something like this:

Nationalists impose tariffs on imports (protectionism), stop foreign investment
and guest worker programs. Inflation is somewhat dramatic with regard to
foreign produced consumer goods. Wage inflation, albeit not as dramatic, occurs
as well as workers are in demand to produce goods in US factories. Inflation on
domestic goods and services occurs as well but more mildly.

The net result of the sovereign economy is that essential goods such as housing,
healthcare, college and food are more affordable while non-essentials such as
iPhones, computers, vacuum cleaners become more expensive (pawn shops do well
in this type of economy).

It is probably a fair statement to say that about any nationalist political
party would implement an economy such as this.

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@ Sheila Spink

And let's remember a quote from MEP Marine Le Pen of Front National:

"It's not about left vs right it's about globalism vs nationalism."

Never have truer words been spoken with regard to the current political dichotomy.
But of course I do paraphrase as her statement would have been made in the French

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In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina the National Guard did a door-to-door
gun confiscation. Guns are needed most during the time of crisis yet that is the
time when gun confiscations take place. When the confiscation took place there
was very little resistance. Let's not expect much resistance is it happens again.
Not even from TEA party big talkers.

Here is a video: