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When people tell me they listen to NPR, I cut them off, personally, for good. theirs is an admission to a happily lesser state of being. They deserve only contempt.

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Look here brother, who you jivin' with that cosmic debris?

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My theory is the MRAs, racists, and homophobes that comprise the Republican party are only too well aware their side lost WWII and they're willing to reinstate the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact to get their Hitler on again. Or at a more fundamental level, they're best suited to huffing dictator crank. Any dictator, especially a potato-shaped dick.

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It's not a total wash. The US will make a shit ton of money selling manufactured homes to Newhio. We can also supply the packets of crisps that will replace their healthcare system.

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Frank's boner for Ralph Nader is what fucked Harper's up the ass. Now most of the liberal websites are joining the purity ball. Fortunately most people who have to feed a family don't have much use for Fabian society horseshit.

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She had her arm permed that way.

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Yes it was me. Thanks!

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They don't list 'disinterest' as a cause.

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I can't see anything but Trumps running on the Republican side. The American right is back in bed with its old allies in Europe- the old haggard remnant of racial theorists, monarchist loonies and Nazi collaborators.

We shouldn't be all that surprised the Republicans are embracing fascism openly- they did most of the groundwork in building the brand. Hitler just incorporated some of the old ethnic preoccupations of the count Gobineau and the Hapsburgs. Otherwise his entire program could have been lifted from the evangelical arguments for slavery popular in the US in the 1850's.

Fascism is a direct outgrowth of the American slave economy paired with 19th century race science. Anarcho capitalists will always try to legitimize one or the other in their push for a new feudalism.

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It's the same thing with the old Nader crowd, and there's still considerable overlap. What always bothered me about them wasn't so much the juvenile grasp of Marxism, but the depth of their Leninism.

These people fancy themselves a vanguard of the proletariat. Looks more to me like someone opened the door between the faculty swing room and the kiddie pool.

EDIT: The Democratic party where I live has to coalesce behind a Berniebro candidate, or we're stuck with a mumbling dumbass Republican in the state house. We can't get him to shut up about Bernie long enough to court Hillary donors and the party technocrats who might make his campaign something other than an act of pure masturbation. The GOP couldn't have run a better ratfucking operation.

If we didn't have the superdelegate system, the Republicans would be running the Democratic party.