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I kind of get what you're saying. I wouldn't want the wrath of the South after me, though. I've felt their wrath and it's best to lie to them and let them think you're somewhat on their side.

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I may stick with the iPhone, once I get used to the new IOS.

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They're not really scary for me anymore; but I've watched them since I was about nine or eight years old. These days they're more cheesey than scary. But I can see your point!

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I think I may stick with my iPhone family. I've got until November 1st to make my decision.

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Beautiful pictures!

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Babies are so awesome. I wish they could stay about four months old forever. Old enough to interact with, young enough not to talk back, steal, cuss or any of the other negative things that kids eventually pick up. Beautiful little guy, btw. :)
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Yeah, I can't use the Blogger platform with my site anymore, they eliminated that option years ago. I really don't want to change my URL, and Wordpress is the only thing that seems to work (somewhat). It's weird, I don't read on other WordPress powered blogs that they have broken plugins, features they can't use. Only on Dreamhost/Logjamming.

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I know I don't, but at the same time, it's my mother. She's gotten away with it so much that it's pretty much all I expect from her.

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Thank you.

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Some one did write in and I was able to fix the site. It's 99% my fault about the comments situation as I installed a plugin that broke the commenting form, then my hosts screwed around so much with their nonsense and my hosted email went down and deleted every email in the inbox, and then the spam filter marked everything as spam and deleted it within one second of marking it spam.

What I find weird was the spammers found ways to get through. Of course they could get through a lead shielded brick wall, or a bomb shelter!