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I don't have a lot to say, but I wanted you to know I'm here, and I'm reading. :)
Your book is going to move hearts, Tam.

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I do. And I'm so grateful. ;)

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On discovering your platform: I think I'm slowly realizing that a huge part of me wants to help mold, encourage, love on, and challenge the hearts of young people (teenagers). I have such a passion for them, and just simply get so much joy from being around them.

But as far as what I have allowed to shape me and that needs reshaping?

It's hard to deal with. Really hard, actually. Honestly, I feel like I'm still just working through it day by day sometimes. But slowly, ever so slowly, I'm dropping those weights. And the day I'm totally done carrying it around (when I meet Jesus????), will be a very good day, indeed.

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I've got the first one down.....
I feel like a lost little puppy here lately. I have no idea what my purpose is. Maybe that's natural for a twenty-something...
I don't know yet.

But I know where to look for it. I have been and will keep praying to find out. Because you're right--God is all about order and purpose, and He hasn't deprived us of those attributes, either. We just have to be diligent to take hold of them.

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These are great. I'm not sure I'm one to get a tattoo (wimpy AND fickle), but I absolutely love this. I'm all for the jewelry idea that was proposed before, as well!!!

I can't wait to see what everyone's tattoos look like!!!!!!!

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It totally happened. It's not the first time, but when Landry sticks up for me always, it makes it so much easier to handle other people's stupidity. ;)

And I love YOU!

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High: Getting to spend time with amazing friends before they move.

Low: Feeling down and frustrated and judged and unloved when I was approached about my "immodest dress at church". I pray and seek God every Sunday about what I wear (my church is FILLED with uber conservatives that came from a UPC movement), and I'm always willing to dress modestly-- just not a kind of modesty that's based on a list of rules (But that's a whole 'nother long discussion). My little too-sensitive-for-my-own-good heart was a little crushed by their insensitivity and ill-placed judgement.

Which brings me to high number two: Having a husband who sticks up for me in situations like the above, who prays for me and with me, and who encourages me when I feel like this little light of mine just doesn't wanna shine anymore right now. :)

Whew! That was helpful! Made my highs seem higher and my low(s) seem hardly worth the effort. ;)

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wow. so much.
but God is our provider AND our strenght!
thankful for that today! :)

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Agreed! On all accounts. I'ma comin' back. I is. ;)

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So amazing!!!!!
God is so gracious, so loving, and your journey is so beautiful, Miss Tam!