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Truly it beggars belief.
Many think ISIS is the problem as distinct from Islam. It is the teaching in the Koran that gives rise to these terrorist attacks. All the 'intelligence' available to the western governments will never give them the solution-it is as you know spiritual. Will they start reading the Bible to find the truth?
I think we know the answer to that!

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A very difficult message to communicate, of that there is no doubt.
Islam and the secular governments of the world have one thing in common-they are plainly opposed to what the Bible teaches.
They will allow Islam to flourish, not that they agree with its aims, but they have a common enemy-the Church of Jesus Christ.
To borrow the words that I once heard from a preacher on getting through to the unconverted-"How do you get through to a fence post?"
Repentance, though it be the act of man, is the gift of God.

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Demonology is a subject that is in my opinion at least ignored totally by the Calvinistic churches, and greatly magnified by the Pentecostal/Charismaniac churches? The latter seem to be constantly engaged in "healing & deliverance" whilst the former seem not to acknowledge angels & demons?
A question; in your considered opinion, WHERE exactly did the demons go to when our Saviour sent them into the swine in Matthew 8.32? Certainly the swine "perished" as the scripture passage says, but where did the demons go to? Clearly they must have gone to where God in Christ sent them, but where?

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A most excellent summation of the present situation that is now before us.
When you speak of "ignorant 'Christians'", I assume you mean such as those who believe and promote the false Arminian social gospel? Who would say words to this effect; "It may be that by showing God's love to these people, they will see by how lovely we are, they too will want to become Christians"?
But, rest assured, the Bible tells us in no uncertain language "the way of truth shall be evil spoken of" 2 Peter 2.2.
Such people, according to Peter will speak "evil" of you when you try to show them the error of their ways!
And, I write this when the whole world is applauding Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for being our longest serving monarch!
I wonder what God thinks of her 'faithful' service to our nation?

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Shame you are not Prime Minister!

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Excellent post, and one that I believe cannot be refuted from scripture (though, no doubt some will try?).
I like the "we can just sit around and talk, or have a cup of tea"!
This got me thinking-would a paid Reverend teach against tithing?-A bit like turkeys voting for Christmas!
I was once told it was "God dishonouring" because I was once 5 minutes late.
But, wherever is "Order of Service" to be found in the New Testament?
Organised religion!

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I believe that I have read all your writings on "prayer meetings" today, I claim not to understand everything, but certainly I DO agree with the general tenor of your writings-I almost could have wrote it myself-how I empathise with it!
I was first 'forced' into church by my wife. We went through what we thought was orthodoxy (Baptist union), then into Pentecostal/Charismaticism, then into Charismatic messianic fellowship into now almost non fellowship!
I absolutely hated those "home group" midweek Wednesday meetings (we were part of a Pentecostal/Charismatic outfit) when we would religiously assemble and take it in turns to pray our bit or pray in tongues! (We didn't) The only thing I ever enjoyed in these meetings were the coffee and biscuits/cakes afterward! The group that we were in fellowship with established their own church because the local Methodist Church folded (says it all?). The leader would regularly "claim" the area for God and I always felt my prayers lacked the polish of those who were over us-so glad we departed from them.
I must read these pages again, but I most certainly believe from my reading of them, that you have confirmed everything that I hitherto knew in my spirit! These things are not difficult if but we would adhere to what God's word says rather than the traditions of man? Certainly Dr Masters (whom you regard highly in much else) is blinded somewhat by his need to keep the status quo?
Those days were absolutely awful, I remember some would boast about praying from day break till noon! Oh! They would make us lesser Christians feel so inadequate and unspiritual!
Thank you for putting this on-line!
BTW Ezekiel 36.37 will come to pass in the soon coming millennium. I know that Dr Masters and your good self are not pre-millennial.

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Excellent article.
Edward Hendrie in his book "The Anti-Gospel: The Perversion of Christ's Grace Gospel", expounds from the Bible the error of Arminianism. He writes about Chuck Smith the founder of one of the most successful Christian church movements today (or should I say businesses?) Calvary Chapel. He quotes Smith as saying "When you take hard stands on these non-foundational issues, you'll just empty your church of all those who have Methodist, Nazarene and other Arminian influenced backgrounds. Why would you want to do that?" (Smith calls election/pre-destination "non-foundational"! Hendrie quotes from a magazine (I believe) called Calvary Chapel Distinctives. What can we say about this, but that Smith knew the true Gospel would separate the wheat from the tares?
Many 'innocent' believers (those who don't understand Arminianism) can be prey to manifest error by its denial of what should be clear and basic biblical truths.

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I freely confess that the 'age of accountability' doctrine so-called has NEVER, at any one time sat comfortably with me. By God's Divine providence, He has now shown me that it is NOT a biblical teaching. I thank YOU so much for opening my eyes so that I can now see the truth._This doctrine is nothing more than the last vestiges of popish teaching that has held sway for so long with reformed doctrine._The death of babies and young children of whatever age can cause emotions to go haywire-at the human level, most understandably so, but when put under the spotlight of God's word the truth can be clearly seen as "a morning without clouds" 2 Samuel 23.4._God bless you.

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A most excellent post. I found Pink's work by 'accident' at PB Ministries. I remember reading the above for the first time (about 10 years ago), and it all made perfect sense, to me at least. The Christians I was then in fellowship with were so blind to the truth, many were all so 'empowered' with the Toronto 'blessing' and their Word Faith preachers, among their other manifest deceptions that I believed I was the only one who could understand the truth in my area! My wife used to read Joyce Meyer, RT Kendal, Mahesh Chavda, and a whole host of other Pentecostal Charismatic Arminian false teachers. Pink KNEW what was coming. Yes Dispensationalism is totally unbiblical driving a wedge between law and grace. I am a pre-millennial believer, as were many Sovereign Grace preachers such as J.C. Ryle, Spurgeon, B.W. Newton, Tregelles, Muller, and a host of others._The tragedy is that today there are so many professing Christians who speak so very lightly of the Reformation-a very great sin. If; but they would read Foxes Book of Martyrs?_God bless._________