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This is GENIUS! Or maybe I'm just obsessed with cheese. Or both. Let's just split the difference. It might also be good on the edge of an apple pie crust....

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So, is a turnover the same thing as a hand pie? Because that would answer your (rhetorical, I realize) question about why turnovers vs pie since a hand pie is just a "semilunar" (according to Wiktionary) pie....Someone would write a song about semilunar pie, I think.

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I'm gonna go out on a limb here- don't know what y'all will think of this suggestion- and say that gravy might be good on some grits. You could call it polenta if you're cooking in the Hamptons.

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I want to want it. Maybe if it weren't 8,000 degrees where I mind's telling me yes, but my body.........

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I've been looking for something like this, somewhat less for it's cuteness than for the breadth of the bodice (so to speak). I hate when I'm cooking and the top of the apron either gets sort of wedged into the cleavage or slides to one side offering unsatisfactory uni-boob coverage. Oh, the travails of the magnificent bosomed!

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One of my very favorite posters on Chowhound died the day you posted this. I never met him and only knew him through that somewhat anonymous format, but somehow I'll miss him. There are certain people whose writing connects me to them- almost as if I recognize their voices- and I feel the fellowship of food as a connection of all humanity in their writing. Edna Lewis was certainly one who articulated food as fellowship in a unique and resonant way. Thanks for the post.

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As luck would have it i've just been requested this week to make this very dish by my darling husband. I'm a little intimidated by rhubarb, but I'll just have to get over it as I refuse to back down to a vegetable.

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My favorite was to make cauliflower! I buy what is called "dry chutney" at an Indian grocery which sounds like a similar spice mix. It's not quite as hot as the surface of the sun, but...

I guess what they say about martinis being like women's breasts could also apply to the buttocks- you know- one isn't enough, three is too many.

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Ah sookie sookie now!