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That had to be frightening.

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Mental midget, giant ass.

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He'll be out of office by then.

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I would like to apologize, once again, for this idiot being given national attention. Had he not won an election in my district (I did not vote for him), he would be in a mental health facility by now. :(

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I don't understand what people have against Michelle Obama. She's a good First Lady, she champions a good cause, she has style, etc. There's no reason for that kind of hate, it's just wrong.

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They've been looking and looking for things like this and out of all the looking what they come up with is an 86 year old with dementia? What a sorry lot they are.

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Man, that is one ugly animal.

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Not the sharpest knife in the drawer is he? They're going off the rails about these tours, it was on Fox this morning, too, because, they say, the kids will be so disappointed so it's really about hurting them. Funny, these same people don't seem to think that children going hungry because of reduced food stamp benefits and cuts to school lunch programs will hurt them more than not being able to go on a damn tour.

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Being afraid of non-existent things is the GOP way. Do they not realize how stupid they look?

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It could be due to budget cuts across all law enforcement areas. Maybe prosecutors are dropping minor cases due to budget cuts in some areas where the cuts have been most severe. They save money not prosecuting a case in court but instead working out a plea deal with no jail time or dropping charges altogether.