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The Britannica Party (formed by ex-BNPer's) has about 4 candidates in Glasgow.

Don't know much about them, but since BNP in Glasgow has faded, at least this party seems to be an equivilant ethno-nationalist alternitive.

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The so called ''non-toxic'' Democratic Nationalists only polled 1% on a high turnout... epic failure.

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Minor correction to article.

The NF are not ethno-nationalists but white (racial) nationalists.

NF have no problem with the millions of Polish or other Eastern Europeans flooding UK, because they are White. In fact if you read the NF manifesto they call for greater cultural links between all Europeans. They don't care specifically about the indigenous British.

Most of NF's online support is from immigrants from other parts of Europe. Go on Stormfront, which promotes NF, and you will see most of NF's support is from non-British Europeans.

As much as i support white preservation in general, i think UK should not be open to other Europeans (for example Poles) who flood our country like the Muslims from the middle-east, blacks etc.

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Very brave woman, yes. However the problem with her is that she is only opposing so called 'extremist' Islam. Yet there is no real divide between 'normal' Islam and extreme.

If you actually listen to her she keeps trying to defend 'normal' (non-extreme) Muslims from the extremists. This sort of attitude is actually increasing Islamification, as it wrongly presents a 'moderate' side of Islam which is supposedly compatible with the British way of life. FALSE... no aspect of Islam, no matter however 'moderate' is... its a completely foreign religion.

there is no divide between 'moderate' and 'extremist' Islam. all of it is the SAME.

Anyone trying to distinguish between moderate and extremist Islam is supporting further Islamfication.

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However nice immigrants are is irrelevant. They shouldn't be here in the first place.

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To British resistance + Britain First:

I'm waiting until May until the BNP election results with the GLA and locals, and after i will be reviewing what political party i support. It may be that i will just have to be an independant nationalist or join those in the ''political wilderness''. Until this time i am still helping out for the BNP's GLA campaign.

From what i know if the BNP do terrible in May's elections virtually all members will be looking at alternitives.

So i would suggest the National Peoples Party work on a manifesto?

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If you mix different ethnicities or races you will dilute the indigenous genepool, and if you don't and instead create parallel ''multi'' cultural societies, the indigenous culture ends up being replaced by foreigners. Both lead to destruction. The only solution is to end mass immigration and start a repatration policy for immigrants.

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An excellent work and an excellent quote. Skin pigmentation is not the sole factor of racial identification, in fact it is probably the least important to an anthropologist. If we were all green skinned, the races would still exist.

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lol. Do you actually believe this stuff?

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What is your obsession with Jews? Not all Jewish authors who have written on race are leftists or race deniers.