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Lockdown should have ended but a 30 mile travel distance rather than infinity would have kept a cap on the belief the crisis is over and kept some discipline

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the peak happened before the lockdown. incarcerating people into small tightly sealed homes would merely allow the virus to circulate more easily and cause infections which would then be transferred when the inhabitants went shopping or to work. being outside was always by far the best option, acting sensibly.

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Cummings was being roundly abused inside his home since the GE. If your boss had CV and you or your wife was feeling low and had an autistic son who would be greatly disturbed by the change in his circumstances ,would you stay in your house to be further abused or would you go to very suitable child care arrangements elsewhere?

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putting people under house arrest in some of the smallest homes in Europe enabling the virus to circulate amongst those coming and going was beyond crazy when by far the safest place to be is outdoors and being sensible.

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"Ultimately we need people to exercise judgement and common sense” – Raab"

apart from the long litany of nonsensical govt actions since the start of the pandemic we can add three very recent ones whereby common sense seems to have been thrown out the window

A quarantine for travellers fully 3 months too late

A lock down release-sensible in itself-but which was so expansive it was like the last day of term as people travelled hundreds of miles to beaches which had no facilities for them and potentially introduced the virus into communities with very little of it. A 30 mile travel distance would have enabled people to broaden their horizons and kept some discipline in the social distancing and need for caution.

thirdly, test and trace seems a debacle and as the infection potentially grows again we will have no idea for several more weeks how and where

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the reason for that is because as a begging newspaper it allows you to link to a story . sources like the Times are paywalled so can't be linked to

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I have often criticised the govt for their handling of the crisis but let us not forget that we are one of the fattest and most unfit nations in the world with all the cv problems that brings.

Also due to successive govts desires for mass immigration we are one of the most densely packed nations around. Also due to advances in medicine we have a population of over 85's that has doubled in 15 years and are vulnerable and that we live in some of the smallest houses in Europe, ideal for spreading the virus in the still and enclosed atmosphere when we are locked in with it.

so there are many factors that have made things worse than otherwise they might have been and need to be addressed.

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The idea heavily promoted in the media and here, that everyone was sitting meekly inside their houses until the Cummings story erupted a few days ago is nonsense.

on the first day of release from house prison on wed 13 th may we went to Dartmoor. it was very quiet. we went again on Friday 15th may and the car parks were being closed by the wardens as it was too busy. Locally lockdown was being eased a week or more prior to this as witnessed by rapidly growing traffic volumes. These people were escaping with no knowledge of the Cummings incident

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yes, shumble has done well in gently pointing to an aspect of the affair I had not known about.

Considering all the facts a judge would deem the actions of Cummings to be reasonable and prudent as an autistic child would find the threats and disruption very disturbing. Thinking about Sheldon Cooper, I understand the condition much better than I previously did before that comedy series began. I would be amazed if Cummings himself was not on the spectrum as his inability to apologise-as he believes he did no wrong as he was being entirely logical-is exactly what we saw with Sheldon over the years.

I wonder if this autism aspect will come out? . Certainly the threats to him prior to his leaving do not seem to have emerged and the media have not commented much on this supposed second Durham when that was found to be false..

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I watch Sheldon cooper on Big Bang theory and in young Sheldon. He is autistic and often behaves strangely but when you understand the condition the logic of what he says and does becomes clearer.

. I had not realised this autism connection with Cummings but it explains many of his actions and the general way he behaves towards others. No, if the child is autistic and indeed if Cummings himself is, then he could not stay at home and ill when feeling threatened . Sheldon Cooper would have run back to his mother.

I don't want to raise this as an excuse but the motivations become clearer.