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Kind of a weird question, but does it pay? Like I have no problem doing it even if it doesn't but I need the money...for...*ahem* the convention...

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Just think about it. Somewhere out there, someone is making the 10hr version...

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best game
game of the year
game of the century
game of the millennium...

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I can honestly say that before I was a brony my goal everyday was this challenge. Whether I tell a joke, act stupid around my peers, or put myself through heck(not like self harm). Ask anyone I know, I don't think there has ever been a day when I haven't made someone smile.

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yay, best part is I don't have to buy a room...parking though...thats...thats another story.

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the heck is a vigor?

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I'd have to say Rarity, in many weird ways that I can't explain as to why. But rather than having an eye for fashion, it for of an eye for comics or art. Even if you were to explore the opposite of her element we are very similar.

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What exactly do you mean by "pony legend" like star swirl the bearded or...?

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So I've been delayed and can't/won't post, but is this like a "be here day one and for the rest of the event" kinda thing or can we jump in a day late?