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Thanks to KPIC, some of the stuff about our local housing authority has been coming to light. Their coverage of this is greatly appreciated by those of us who have been trying to bring problems at HADCO to the public's attention. Although the mounting pressure regarding inapproprite resident relations may have been a factor, the the reason the former Executive Director, Dolly Newman left aburptly in November more likely has to do with the money she mismanaged the two short years she was here.
She was notified that HUD was going to be meeting with a group of us days before she left without prior notice to anyone. They were coming here to address our concerns about questionable expenditures including the money she was spending on her out of town travel. It is a matter of public record that the HADCO Commission voted in January to get a $54,000 mortgage to repay money she diverted from HUD funds.
These problems and others are why the Douglas County Commissioners have to make sure the right people are on the HADCO Board. They are exercising our vote when they appoint a HADCO Commissioner.
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Yes, she has a chance in front of a judge. She has more rights to challenge an eviction because of the type of housing she has. She has gone through their internal grievance procedure, but they still have to take her to court, which they are doing now. Her first appearance to either mediate or challenge the eviction is this Thursday at 8 a.m. in the Douglas County Circuit Court.

She also has a chance, hopefully, in front of the HADCO Board of Commissioners, who will review her case at a special meeting Thursday starting at 10 a.m. A problem might be, can she be there when she has a court appearance the same morning? Also, to my knowledge, although the federal allows them to do so, will the majority of the HADCO Board of Commissioners step up and do the right thing and stop the eviction before more of our tax dollars have to be wasted in court over this.

You see the taxpayer pays for it all. HADCO staff, court staff and Legal Aid (that's where we told her to go to get their lawyer to defend the case.)

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Amber is not being evicted because of her past, real or imagined. She is being evicted for having a guest come over too often. Documents were shown to HADCO that the guest had a permanent home elsewhere (not too far away). There is no rule against having guest as frequently as you want as long as they do not stay for 14 -days. This is to make sure people do not abuse the system and move someone in that should not be there.

No landlord, particularly a government one, can tell you how frequently one guest can visit your home. Someone can come every day and it is not your landlord's business period.

Also this was after she successfully challenged the actionsof the manager of that project.

You should be more concerned about what your tax dollars are being wasted on and I don't mean housing Amber and her four children.
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The hostile environment was created by the actions of the former Executive Director, Dolly Newman. She quit without notice, even to her bosses, the HADCO Board of Commissioners. On the other hand.

I have worked with residents of the housing project Ms. Powell lives in for about five years now. There were no complaints about Ms. Powell as a neighbor that I ever heard. In fact, most of the people in this demonstration are her neighbors from there and apparently they like her just fine as a member of their community. That says a lot to me, as it should to everyone else. It is a good thing.

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At least be honest here. Since when did you are anyone else in this country truly take care of themselves? Not in your life time.

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FYE drug addicts and drunks do not make it through school. They may get fiancial aid for one term but without the ability to stay in school and do well financial aid stops. These are the facts.

Amber's situation now with the housing authority has nothing to do with the personal inappropriate comments that get deleted here. Why do you think they get deleted?

I don't know Amber well, just met her, but I do not care about the personal smear campaign that some folks are trying to do here. I am a taxpayer who cares that my money is being used to improperly evict Amber and her children as well as others.

It would be real nice if folks paid more attention to what their government is doing that what their neighor is doing. Maybe the focus on attacking individuals like Amber is part of the problem that exists at HADCO now. If folks were more interested in how their tax dollars are being used there, this situation would not exist.

So if you want something constructive to do, join us in working to solve the problem.

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Most of the other residents you saw supporting Ms. Powell have been part of an on-going effort to improve our local public housing program. I reviewed the documents in Amber's case and know the players at HADCO. I believe that even an objective observer would see that what HADCO is doing to her (and let us not forget her four children) is wrong.

The fact that the Executive Director quit without notice the day before this protest should let any reasonable person some clue there is something very wrong at this taxpayer funded agency. There is a history here that Ms. Powell & her children are only the most recent victims of. If you knew the facts, you would not want your tax money being abused this way and I don't mean by Amber Powell.

Amber proved her case to HADCO staff. They did not care. If you challenge them without some cover, like being part of a group, you risk being evicted and no one is the wiser. Although Ms. Powell now has our groups support, which includes the support of some of her fellow residents, she tried fighting them alone and with this agency that can be risky.

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