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Lentz is off base. Commonwealth court will look at the evidence he produces to support his contentions, and if enough names on the petititons are removed, the candidate/s names will of course be removed from the Primary Ballot.

Afterwards, despite the outcome, Lentz can file with the local Election Bureau officials and a hearing there would be held. Again, he'd have the opportunity to prove actual and intentional irregularities. The board would be able to investigate, call witnesses, etc. and finding a basis on the evidence, relay the matter to the local DA. It reads like that already happened and the Delco DA submitted to AG Corbett's office. It would seem other can Corbett will investigate and finding anything posecute. lentz can always appeal, and eventually the case/s could end up at the federal level. Lentz is grandstanding now to get the case in federal court because of his alleged and unproven allegations of connections.

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Holy perfect pitch

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thanks, Chris. Signing in that way is easy and adds my 3rd aka for the site. i find the site very welcoming and engaging in debate the way debate should be.

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OK Those were comments that brought a chuckle, but the woman is clearly suffering from the mental disorder of 'hoarding' in this case animals and trash and skeletal remains of dead cats. Mayo clinic Hoarding

She also owns property which the city is "seizing and selling" and that should have everyone up in arms, but sadly they are not. If it was eminent domain for a new business venture, people would be rallying around her and wondering if she wasn't given the jail time rather than probation and mental help to get her out ot the way.

The Innocence Project should take up her case, or the ACLU. She should not serve any jail time and her home should not be taken and sold.

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I've always wondered why citizens don't challenge these nomination petitions from the get-go. It's usually the opponent or opponents who might make a challenge to a nomination petition and largely in order to have the opponent fail to meet the requirement for enough names remaining on the petition to stay on the ballot!

None of them seem to care if there are a mere handful or hundreds of ineligible names (moved out of the county/state/country) or other wise to be disqualified, let alone any names of deceased and/or forged names that might appear at any time on a nomination petition or at the precinct or via absentees!. The absentees are inherently subject to fraud as names on the voter registry remain even if they are tagged at some point 'inactive' - scheduled for election board review - maybe removal after 2 federal elections and found to be deceased or moved - a simple vote in that name by absentee removes that tag. Only a few election watchers have noted the danger in identifying inactive names. Nobody does anything.

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Any candidate who faces a potential 'investigation' of petitions charged with containing forgeries should worry. That's quite different than a challenge to nomination petitions which might (after court hearing) result in enough ineligible names being removed from such to disqualify the candidate's name from being on the ballot. Even when successfully challenged and names are removed from the ballot, it is unheard of for any independent investigation to follow. By Mr. Wolosik announcing he'll consult with the county solicitor and forward any determinations to the police for further investigation, he is undertaking a step again rarely taken. And if an investigation by police produces testimony and witnesses of forgeries, there certainly is a potential for a DA investigation. and hopefully prosecutions. And hopefully convictions of somebodies for forgery. In fact, all of these nomination petitions anywhere in the state should be investigated as the state's SURE system is woefully inadequate and nearly all of our 67 counties have not pursued a full-scale process to weed out the ineligibles in some cases for decades.

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Yes. And everyday to the minds of children ...

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The telling event for any of them professing they opposed taking the unvouchered expenses was if they let stand the increase in 'pension.'

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Here we go. What loopholes? It's the elected oath-breakers who were always at fault for not following the PA Constitution as it is already written. Reformers use the pay raise as the shot heard round the state to kick the bums out, but the elected could vote to increase the salary, not take the increase in salary in the same term it was passed (unvouchered expenses). Already unconstitutional. What loophole there? None. and the voters spoke on that shortly after with some measure of success. as it's supposed to be. Increase the level of voter partiocipation and education. Don't want a new constitution, you say? delegates cannot be restrained or limited from proposing changes or amendments once in session which completely alter our PA Constitution, in any area. No court can stop the process once begun.

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Could you identify those you've left unnamed: the RINO's scrambling to be in our good graces? They. Could you name them, please.

As to Scarnati, did he propose any legislation that would have prevented federal intrusion into our state education system which came down during the Bush Administration known as No Child Left Behind? The reference to the Bush Admin program in no way ignores such intrusion by previous Republican and Democrat(ic) Administrations.

how'd Scarnati vote on the series of Rhoades bills per NCLB? <a href="" target="_blank"> It's hypocrisy to claim 10th Amendment States' rights in one area of intrusion and not another as basically such are not powers delegated to the United State (F) Federal Government. The intrusion is to be rejected by the (S) State. Not in PA. Take the NCLB monies, take the (F) Federal stimulus monies.

I'd like to know when the 10th Amendment little p people's reserved powers kick in.