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It's a reality show about Kevin Smith's comic book shop, The Stash, in Jersey and how it's run by his friends Mike, Bryan, Ming, and Walter. It's kinda like a "Nerdy Pawn" show. People bring in nerdy collectables to try and and sell and as they do this the show cuts to a recording studio as they talk with Kevin Smith about the cultural impact of certain series/franchises. And there's usually a side story of some sort, in this upcoming episode's case, it'll be them going to Bronycon.

The big draw, IMHO, is them just arguing and debating nerdy things.

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I'm sure someone will record, I am on my DVR, only downside is, I don't have The Hub in HD.

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Well I'd agree with the folks who say stuff like cloppers and the ones who overreact,I'd say what drives me nuts are the haters. The ones who freak out when an official page mentions Pony and they have to go out of their way to show add much disdain as possible ("I'm unliking your Facebook page" , "I'm now boycotting your products." , "I've lost all my respect for you."

It's ironic that they call us the manbabies, when they're the ones acting scared they're going to catch "Pony cooties". Of course the cloppers don't help because they serve as "fuel" for the haters, and it sucks to be associated with them.

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Mine was cancelled too. Still got Octavia coming though. Strangely, I ordered through PayPal and I still have my total of 20 something dollars for both of them charged on my account.

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I have to shamefully admit I was the one who submitted the link to EQD. On one hand I thought, those proportions look very Pony-like to me and not just "random unicorn". Secondly, yeah the KS is almost over, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a plug. I thought "Hey there might've been people who 'forgot' about it and maybe seeing a Pony sidekick might be just enough to say, 'You know what, that'll do it for me, here's a few bucks." There might also be people who didn't know they had a paypal link now (there are some people who refuse to use KS after some events.)

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Just had to say, I'm still scrolling up and down at the top of the page. That 3D effect is just mesmerizing!

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I am SOOOOO behind on my Pony Music, but I love me some This Day Aria. That first one just blew my mind with its awesome. The second song was pretty cool too. The third one was "Ehhhhh" not as amazing as the first one, but I'll download it to my MP3 player anyway as I feel like I could really grow to like it over repeat hearings.

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Bummer, I ordered this set thinking the quality might be better than the US iTunes which are very washed out compared to the broadcast versions and later seasons. I'm still going to check it out and compare. Might still be good for PMV material.

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I know this is what I'm planning to do, mux them myself, for my XBMC setup. Already preordered Also owning the Season 1 DVDs from Shout I can mix the commentaries in as well. As far as I know PAL Blurays, unlike PAL DVDs, use the same NTSC framerate like US Blurays and DVDs, so there shouldn't be any issues with PAL Speed Up.

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Yep, pretty much this.