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Or sheer, raving madness, huh?

BIDEN 2011

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Be careful, Floyd: Obama is certainly a national socialist (believes in partial government ownership of the means of production for some and total ownership for others, like GM, healthcare, etc.), but this does make him a Nazi. Indeed, real Nazis, on the least of whose backsides the likes of Barack Obama would not amount to a suppurating pimple, would be most annoyed with you if you were to make such a comparison. Rush's invocation of Hitler might be considered provocative in this light.

BIDEN 2011

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Fox Business is better. No O'Reilly. Check them out.

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Oh, it's OK to pretend to be a Christian or to pretend to be friends with one. I'm glad to hear that there aren't any Jews left at the New York Times. I mean they wouldn't be completely suicidal, would they, given the Sharia precepts concerning them?

I'm pretty sure there aren't any Christians at the NYT, but Jews? I guess they've sold the paper to some jihadi gang.

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I think we should tax government millionaires 95% of their obscenely bloated paychecks. Business owners, who have earned their compensation, should be left alone.

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Can you say, "obstruction of justice," kids? I thought you could!

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To which poor people do we apply for jobs? I've looked and looked. Also, in which nation where politicians are able to become rich by predating upon the people who actually created the wealth are the poor any richer than they ever were? Castro's Cuba? Stalin's Soviet Union (remember the Holodomor, Stalin's greatest gift to the common man)? Pol Pot's Cambodia (he of the killing fields)? Mugabe's Zimbabwe?

Jobs go overseas because the private sector people who once redistributed the wealth they created via paychecks cannot remain competitive in a global market and still hire Americans. In Obama's America. The pressure to export jobs stems from regulation, taxation, litigation and unionization: The regulatory cost to a business with fewer than 10 employees is up to $10,500 since Obama took office. Our corporate taxes -- taxes on the people who create and distribute wealth in a free society -- are now the second highest in the world, and promise to become the highest, thanks to Obama's despotic machinations. Lawyers are permitted to punish anyone they feel like by bringing frivolous lawsuits that "the rich" must defend themselves against at their own expense, allowing said lawyers to punish people who have done nothing wrong. Unions, which extort the difference between what they're paid and what their services are worth, have run up to cost of labor -- especially government labor that creates nothing -- to the point at which private sector employees cannot add sufficient value to their services to make their employers competitive.

Because of these and other pressures on wealth creation (as opposed to wealth extortion) our manufacturing jobs are headed for China and our service jobs are finding their way to India. Eventually, I suppose, Obama will make us all equally poor, as they are in Cuba where everyone gets the same thing: About $20 per month. Did I say "everyone?" I meant everyone except the Beloved Leader, his lackeys and a highly select few of his useful idiots. They do very well indeed.

Obama is richer than 99.99999% of the world's population including ours. How do you explain that, Skippy? Has he ever created anything? Built anything? Invented anything? Done anything in his life that has made life better for people like you and me? Well, me anyway.

Lest you should regard me as DELUSIONAL and BIGOTED, let me hasten to point out that I sincerely believe all of these evils spring from Obama's white half. That's the part I'd like to see impeached.

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A citizen indeed! We need someone who can establish that he or she is not in this country illegally.

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O'Reilly is a conservative in the same sense that Nelson Rockefeller was or John McCain is: He's a true right-winger until his ox is gored, then he's screaming for the government to come in and build a few new bureaus to make him whole.

I too am less enthusiastic about Fox News anymore. I remain ungrabbed by weeks of All Casey Anthony All the Time and All Anthony's Weiner All the Time. Back in the day, though, they were super.

If you want to relive the Fox experience, your best bet would be Fox Business. They need viewers: Much of their programming, especially on the weekends, consists in infomercials, but when they get to the meaty parts, they're great. Check them out!

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I agree. He will almost certainly be acquitted by the Senate, but it will at least put an asterisk beside historical accounts of his presidency, and it will distract him (especially if a dozen valid charges are brought against him in several separate impeachments), perhaps limiting the damage he can do. It worked with Clinton. At least I thought it seemed to help.