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There's an obvious and Lin-confirmed reference to The Last Five Years (the line "nobody needs to know" in Say No To This), which is another Jason Robert Brown musical, so maybe that got confused for a Parade reference? I'm not familiar with Parade the way I am with L5Y, so there easily could be another reference.

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Okay so I'm super late to the Hamilton party but I listened to it Tuesday night for the first time, and I'm just, like, speechless. I've listened to it at least 6 times since then? It is the intersection of pretty much everything I love.


Also, oh shit, I showed up on a post about race and immigration and made it about me. FUCK. WHOOPS.

The graphic is brilliant, btw.

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Yup. No memory of the apricot breasts, but oh god the garbage skin.

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I read a book in my youth where a character did this - had their own secular saints - and I can't remember for the life of me what book it was. Possibly a minor character in a L'Engle or Vonnegut? They were mostly scientific - St Albert Einstein was definitely one of them. (Not at all implying you got this from there, to be clear.)

Anyway, this is a fantastic idea and a good thing to do, especially as an ex-Catholic trying to make sense of the world.

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Literally crying.

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Okay well The Familiar is amazing but also The Toast is clearly the correct option, well done.

Happy New Year, I love and miss you all and desperately hope for more free time in 2015 so I can spend more time here.

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I'm sure this has been covered elsewhere, but aside from The Bracelet, the always-violent, vaguely-rapey sex scenes left a way bigger impression in my mind than the clothes in general. I am not sure what to think about that at the moment.

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I have long since heartily and vocally disowned my own Ayn Rand phase, but man, the Readen Steel bracelet trade scene still speaks to me.

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Oh god. I worked summers at a KB Toys and the specific nature of the experiences above are giving me flashbacks, though the store above sounds WAY nicer than KB Toys was.

Also, the toddler's name was either Harrison or Grant, I am betting. I really hope it was Eisenhower, though.

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I really only think they have like 17 actors who are SUPER busy? That is what I have learned from watching entirely too much british nerd TV. I don't think anyone's managed to be in Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Harry Potter, Love Actually, AND Sherlock, but the number of actors who have been in at least 3 of those particular bits of pop culture is vaguely amusing/surprising to me.