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Lol yep

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I forgot that one Indiana jones is basically our Darring do ughh can't believe I forgot thatšŸ˜°

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Hunger games Harry Potter hobbit Star Wars
Marvel films zoo keeper šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ see what I did there
I would just say chose what inspired you the most I chose Star Wars and hobitt and Harry Potter for twilight marvel films for rainbow dash Rarity idk probably ties that bonds? Not really into romance slice of life stuff but if it has a little action I'll watch it and of course pinkie pie and flutter shy mall cop , daddy's home , and night at the museum in sure they would all watch them together and twilight knowing her would take notes xd

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Bronycon either this year or 2017 is my goal I'll probably drag my friend along so she and I can get lost together after that Sakura con is that one in Boston to?

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Idk probably a bug or something but I can comment on my phone so??

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Yeah me to maybe her phone just died and forgot her charger or something like that and thanks I hope shes ok to she even said her grandfather was driving to som thats y im kinda worried

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Ill put this on my reading list. Hey guys i'm kind of worried about my friend. She went to visit her family today and knowing how new years usually is with drunk drivers and such i'm kinda woried. We texted earlier around two and I havent heard from her since then so I was like ok maybe she's just has her phone on viberate so I waited and its almost 9:00 we text each pther a lot to so she would of told me hey got to go or something like that it doesnt even show that she was on fb either like where it has the phone on the side it doesnt even show that. Should I wait a day and then atart to worry or what?

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I'll bet there will be some chibies made I still like english cast the most though I was hoping the songs would be in jappaness

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Sweet now I can binge season 5 can't wait for season 6 how is everyone holding up with the hatius? Also what do you except to see next season? I hope we see more sunset shimmer and cmc maybe Rainbow Dash will become a wonderbolt?

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I just hope the movie doesn't end the generation anyway I think Sunset Shimmer might actually be in the movie maybe make a few apperances in season six?