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Hooray! I, like Bonzos_Bed_Time, have fond OC Weekly memories - you are perhaps the first person I knew of who would call themselves a commie. I'm very excited. No dick jokes but posting on a Saturday night seems sadly wonkette enough!

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Uhh, they are zero percent right unless you seal off the cave so gas can't escape. Also because trees that are alive are NOT DECAYING.

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Hey Jerks! Texas has many problems, but that news story isn't one of them. "New Hampshire" is right in the freaking headline!! Get with the program.

There's no way that book would ever get that far into a Texas school.

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That's no coincidence, tho, right? I couldn't have gotten into a Bush event fully clothed and empty-handed because I TOO am a Messican and didn't they pre-screen for stuff like that?