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Do you think that whatever conservatives came to the Atheist community, left soon because of domination of the modern liberals?

Susan Jacoby did a hit piece on Right WIng Atheists in 2011Surprise, right-wing atheists do exist. Its quite a lousy piece, something she should be ashamed of. I read her 'The Age of American Unreason' a few years ago, where she mentions the good-old-times of Robert Ingersoll.. when he would travel across the country having debates.. and people from both sides of the spectrum would attend and have a lively participation in the debate. She laments that today's americans are so polarized and they dont talk anymore. Given that, its so odd to see her do a hit-piece on RIght WIng atheists.

And then there's the women in secularism conferences.. which is better titled 'feminists in atheism'. coz there are no Religious women, no Non -Feminist or Anti feminist women.. and no Right wing women either.

I am a classical liberal.. and I find the Atheist community to be just a huge echo chamber of modern liberals.. who are heavily into human-nature denial .. in stark contrast to the few conservatives that I follow. Its a pity that 'diversity' has come to mean this.. not a diversity of opinion, but a diversity of people that say pretty much the same thing.

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I agree with you about NOT imposing worldviews. And people bearing responsibility for solving problems on their own.

Maybe I didnt structure/word my above comment properly.. so you didnt get my main point.
My point is that as per the stats, US has greater # of rapes than India.. both in aggregate terms and per capita.

In this blogpost, you are telling feminists that:
Hey the US is fine w.r.t Rape Culture. The real problem is India, where Indian men are simply taught from childhood not to respect women. Some of it us religious. Some of it is cultural. All of it needs to change

I have countered that both quantitatively and qualitatively via my first and second comments.

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Stop whining about the first world and go point your fingers at the people who actually do engage in the things that you criticize
Stats, as per Wikipedia
USA 2010 84767 total rapes. 27.3 per 100K
India 2009 22172 total rapes. 1.8 per 100K.

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From WIkipedia, Farmers' suicides in India
More than 17,500 farmers a year killed themselves between 2002 and 2006, according to experts who have analyzed government statistics.[2]
For 2002.. thats like 9 times the number of child rapes. Is there a Farmer suicide culture too in India? Never hear about those in Western media, do you.
Noam Chomsky's Sophisticated Propaganda Model to Manufacture Consent' strikes again.
"Our hypothesis is that worthy victims will be featured prominently and dramatically, that they will be humanized, and that their victimization will receive the detail and context in story construction that will generate reader interest and sympathetic emotions. In contrast, unworthy victims will merit only slight detail, minimal humanization, and little context that will excite and enrage."
—E. S. Herman and N. Chomsky, Manufacturing Consent

~2000 child rapes in 2001 out of a population of 1 billion.. lets say about 10% are children in the targeted age-period.. thats like 2 child rapes per 100K children.

The average westerner is way out of their league when discussing crime in India, and the causes for it. I grew up in India and now live in the US. Back when I spent some time on the slymepit and someone talked about this issue, I gave this explanation.
Patterns of Crime vs Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs

You are way out of league in this assessment: Indian men are simply taught from childhood not to respect women. Some of it is religious. Some of it is cultural
If you listen to a discussion on Indian TV INDIAN GENDER JUSTICE Madhu kishwar vs renuka chaudhary Indian men better than western-CNNIBN8mar11, at 7:20 well known anti-feminist women's issues activist Madhu Kishwar pooh poohs feminist BS stats and opinions on Indian Men.. and offers a qualitative assessment of Indian men.. as viewing women as "lakshmi (well-being, prosperity, etc) of the house", and as being "better" than Western Men.

What strikes me about Men in general though.. around the world.. is their willingness to think of themselves as good people, but other men as being morally deficient in a way that women arent. This is a consequence of the 'women are wonderful' psychological bias that I mentioned in an earlier comment. In this context, this message is for you The Other Man is You

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RE: Projection Bias.. While I knew about psychological projection, I didnt know this was actually listed as a bias.. And you gave a great example to demonstrate it. I grew up in India and had several muslim friends. Seeing the stupid and sensationalized coverage of third world gender issues in the US media.. I was dumbfounded. And the atheist community is no better. There are plenty of WESTERN women accepting Islam and Hijab of their own volition.. Bye Feminism, Hello Islam
Over at skepticink, I browsed through an article just this week.. that understands that these women are doing it of their own volition.. but cant come to grips that it may not be "oppression".. that there are tradeoffs in gender roles that MANY women are happy to accept.
Zara Faris debunks Feminism at London debate

which brings me to one more bias.. that I havent seen listed as a cognitive bias anywhere..
Women are wonderful effect
The Women are Wonderful Effect describes the phenomenon found in psychological research which suggests that people associate more positive attributes with the general social category of women compared to men. Related to ambivalent sexism, this effect reflects an emotional bias toward the female gender as a general case.

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Explain to me where you see any aspect of atheism in this inbroglio, as opposed to aspects of human nature (tribalism, greed, spite, etc) and the ideology of feminism?
You just want to show.. ever since this broke out.. that atheism is at least as bad as what your religion is claimed to be, isnt it? And you keep showing up on YT, blogs to just restate this.. again and again, isnt it?

Didnt Hitchens concede on the Dennis Prager show that Atheism doesnt necessarily make a person "good"? that it is just a necessary condition but not sufficient? that some non-religious regimes are significantly worse than religious ones? (North Korea over Vatican)

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What? How dare you suggest the HolyYoni be punished.. The White Knights in the school will make sure the boys are "taught a lesson", and Team Woman will resist any punishment of the HolyYoni.

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You mean like the traction feminists are getting over the 'rapey' audi ad aired during the superbowl?
Atheists should learn that It's Only Sexist When Men Do It, right? Chopped penis in the real world.. meh.. stolen kiss in an ad.. its a big deal.

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If any of these so-called feminists thought one iota about gender, took the responsibility to inform themselves before they opened their mouths, they would know that gender has a pernicious effect on both sexes.
Firstly, the 'No True Scotsman' doesnt serve you well here.. FTBers are a collection of well-informed people.. many with degrees in gender studies. So one has to accept them as feminists. Not 'so-called feminists'. If you really dispute that, you will have to give pointers to these actual academic feminists who deliver lectures you mention, or mainstream feminists who have an impact in lobbying / or making social policies.. who are not like that..

They have acknowledged that both the sexes are hurt by the system.. Remember "Patriarchy hurts men too"? And they claim that feminism is working to help both. Lousy Canuck had this post The Disadvantages of Being a Man where he identifies:
men being cannon fodder...
"women and children first" which has resulted in untold numbers of male deaths...
On the topic of child-rearing, after a divorce, historically women got the children and men got child support payments...
We already know that the vast majority of reported rapes and domestic violence happen to women, though domestic violence against men is likely also underreported. A Statistics Canada report puts actual rates of domestic violence at near parity, with women experiencing very slightly more (7% vs 8% of the population, counting both physical and psychological abuse)...
so separate domestic violence shelters for heterosexual and homosexual men and women seems unfortunately the best way to handle the situation at the moment.
but bottomline, he says:
I’m certain there are any number more disadvantages men face in society, and again, I’m certain that they all stem from the self-same patriarchy and societally enforced gender roles that disadvantage women and the various LGBTQ communities. Many of these disadvantages would evaporate of their own accord if gender roles simply did not exist the way they do, but they are so entrenched now that it is an uphill battle
So.. no matter what the problems men face, he seems to think that dissipating gender roles is the solution. I dont think they have addressed diminishing women's privileges in any way.. for e.g the power women have in dating, propositioning etc. How many women do we see approaching men, and even going down on a knee and asking him to marry her? How many women marry males of lower status than them? say a garbage disposal worker or window cleaner?
But experience shows that they think always addressing women's problems ONLY is the way to go. Not women's privileges.. not men's problems. This is their stance, and they have made it clear.

He vehemently denies that feminism is responsible for ANY of the problems men face. For e.g on the issue of domestic violence, the feminist law since 1994 (VAWA) treats only women as victims and men as perpetrators, and costs about 600M$ per year, and has female only shelters and rampant abuse and destruction of innocent men, and evidence of this has been pouring in for well over a decade from academic quarters as well.
VAWA Must Be Renamed, Rewritten to be Gender Neutral
For the past 18 years, VAWA has been renewed without public debate. VAWA fails to support boys and men who are victims of sexual and domestic violence. It also fails to acknowledge that women perpetrate sexual and domestic violence against children and adults.

Even Roy Speckhardt of the American Humanist Association (which has a feminist caucus) wrote at HuffPo a few days ago saying that one has to be crazy to question the domestic violence policies. equivalent to religious loonies apparently.

Do I have to include evidence that mainstream feminists have demonized men over the last 30+ years, and have regularly ads that show men and boys as perpetrators and potential rapists, and in need of "teaching not to rape and batter"?

Given this.. I dont know how you can categorize FTBers as "so-called feminists" OR even your academic feminist as a equitable one.

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So you are basically saying that FFRF, American Atheists are useless..NOT because of their track record.. but
1) because of the idea that they are focused on the discrimination against atheists (in law, and in social norms), but not on discrimination against the religious as well.
2) it is impossible for the leaders there to discern whether they are overreaching... and all of us members would be dumb and not complain? for e.g when PZ said "fuck religious gelato guy to the ground", all of us atheists kept quiet?
3) Even if they overreach, the rest of the population/law makers will blindly accede to their demands?

Cmon Cephus.. I dont think I am misunderstanding you, and you are fucking too good to be saying that.
The devil is always in the details.. and we got to look at each movement separately, and at the people that drive the movement. The reason "minority" rights movements ended up becoming ADDITIONAL rights (such as hate crimes legislation) and REVERSE DISCRIMINATION in social norms (i.e political correctness).. is because the Left is dominant in Govt, academia, media... and forced it on us. The reason feminism overreached.. is because men largely dont say No to women (pussy power). Free Contraception? You got it. Affirmative Action? You got it. Patriarchy Theory? You got it.
Tammy Bruce talks about this well in her 'New Thought Police'

Mens Rights is by and large a reaction to the excesses of feminism .. and Lord knows there have been many.. its neither supported by the Left nor the Right (coz it calls for an end to chivalry).. you yourself said that 'some women rape easy'.. and nobody gives a fuck for the accused man. . The dangers of it ending up as ADDITIONAL RIGHTS is pretty much non-existent.
I embedded links in my earlier post.. but due to the style here, the links dont highlight.