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I lurked for a long time before I started commenting. I think I started reading the Toast my Junior year of high school. Thank you so much for giving me a space where it was more than ok to be a nerd. And thank you for your warmth, your humor, and your gentle acceptance.
In that spirit, I am currently in the midst of trying to understand men (particularly one man) and my reactions to them, so like the nerd that I am, I dove headfirst into database research. The first article that I found opened with a statement of the obvious: "worldwide, romantic love plays a key role in courtship, suggesting that it evolved as a primary aspect of the human mating system..."
If anybody knows why I get butterflies when he sends me a Snapchat, please let me know. My positive emotional response discomfits me. I seek to understand it and maybe send it off to grandma's. What to do about reward systems???

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I went to Catholic school for thirteen years. Catholic guilt tells me that I am going to burn in Hell for laughing so hard at this.

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Well, raccoons *really* don't belong in malls.

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Wait. I totally do this too. And I've never spoken to anybody about this.
When I was little, I had a bunch of imaginary friends, one girl my age named Nina and a bunch of animals, all with distinct personalities and interests. But Nina never disappeared. She is a fully developed character who grew up with me and acts as a sort of conscience or second voice in my head. If I want to talk to her, I can see her with distinct clarity standing in front of me or sitting with me. I am fully aware that she's not real, but I talk to her in my head when I'm feeling lonely or scared.
If I'm really tired, I might slip and start speaking to her out loud. I used walk with one of my hands outstretched, as if I were holding hers.

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My first eyeshadow was a Cover Girl selection of ice blue, grey, and something that was supposed to be black. I smeared on my eyeliner like the scene kid that I was in 2007 and it took me about three years to realize that looking like an inappropriately urban rodent was not A Look.
Also, thank heavens for Tumblr, because otherwise I would probably still look like a My Chemical Romance groupie with a penchant for colorful knits.

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I always thought that Eurythmics song was saying that "sweet dreams are made of cheese."
Of course, I saw nothing inaccurate about this.

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No man is worth giving up suffrage.
I don't care how cute his laugh lines are.
Not worth it.

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Or like, the strange scratching sounds coming from the attic that are later revealed to be the first Mrs. Rochester?
(was she ever really insane?)

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I will add this to my portfolio, thank you. He has referred to me as "badass," so I think that I can rest assured that we are not trespassing into Dad territory.

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I find this revelation to be soothing, thank you. He does say, almost reverently, that I remind him of Black Widow, so I guess we haven't yet reached Dad stage and are still marauding adventurers.