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...Is it bad/bigoted to say that these LGBT+ elements are getting a little out of control by now?
I mean I'm not anti-gay, but it's making me wonder if there are any straight characters in this franchise at all (besides Greg, Steven, Connie, Lars, Sadie, Yellowtail, Vidalia, Marty, Kevin, Ronaldo, and the Maheswarans).

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I'm not gonna lie; This was a well written fanfic.
I think my only criticisms are the swearing felt unneeded, and I noticed some typos.
But aside from that I like how well they explained their feelings.
It's so good it's almost canon.

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Topaz Guard #1: "WHOA!! Diamonds fighting, *grabs smartphone* I can sell this!"

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Blue and Yellow Diamond fighting each other AND White Diamond piloting 2/4 of the Diamond mech!?

Now I KNOW the 2 week wait after Escapism is going to kill me!

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Aren't there any better streaming sites?
The one I found is awfully laggy.

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Peridot looks SO CUTE in this! X3

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I friggin' LOVED this episode.

Bismuth knew she messed up, and she felt terrible about it.
They way they drew and animated her was so good that you would feel for her.

That's a sign of a great character.

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...Can't it be both?

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I hate to admit it, but you are right.