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Worth waiting for.

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Panel shows were mostly how I got UK news before I moved here and I think it was a decent overview. Certainly the comedy helps keep you from crying, so there's that.

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Yes! I moved from Toronto under Rob Ford to London under Boris and people tried to warn me before I moved, but I thought "No, Ford is way more reckless and clueless". It was only after I moved that I understood what they were trying to tell me, that Boris is actually not clueless. He is playing into it while knowing just what he is stirring up.

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Yes, I am not alone! I saw Ghostbusters 2 first when it was on TV at some point and really liked the idea of pink slime that can control stuff and the weirdness of Vigo the Carpathian. Later I rented Ghostbusters (from a video store!) and liked that too and it wasn't until University that I found out that no one else liked 2.

(Also, not specifically in response to you, but Metafilter had an "Is it Ghostbusters 2?" meme for a while based on a gag that a UK comedian did where he called into late night quiz shows and gave that as the answer no matter the question that I found unreasonably funny and I had completely forgotten about that until just now, but that is also part of the joy of Ghostbusters 2 for me).

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I am not sure I am totally qualified to comment (had a two-day interview a few months back including a fancy dinner and did not get it, but don't feel like I embarrassed myself or shrunk up into myself either. I still struggle with imposter syndrome a lot though). Like others said, getting the interview means you are a fantastic and qualified candidate. I like this TED talk by Amy Cuddy on body language to psych yourself up and be open - - and I am not normally the sort of person who goes for the "follow this one weird tip" type thing. Go out there, smile and tell them why you want to work for them. Good luck!

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I just took it now after all of these comments, thinking I would likely be sorted into Ravenclaw or maybe Slytherin, and got Gryffindor. Madness. I would absolutely cut and run in any situation that posed a significant danger to myself. No regrets.

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Maybe they were afraid you were a zombie.

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That's rough. I'm currently a post-doc and my supervisor is not around much (he's head of various things so often at meetings or in other cities) and even when he is he can't keep track of where various projects are, so communication with him is nearly non-existent. The other post-docs and I basically rely on each other to try to stay on track and sometimes go to other PIs, but I think it's a lot tougher as a PhD student (one in our group did just finish successfully though, so it's doable. We have another student that we are trying to help graduate on time, but I think we might be getting into a too many cooks situation there). I agree with making a plan with the experiments you think you need to finish and talking to your committee members to make sure it's feasible (ideally without upsetting your current boss when you have to say you don't think you should do something extra outside the plan or making them feel like you are bypassing them for other committee members). Some schools also have a "mentorship" program where you can talk to a professor outside your department.
But otherwise I would say that it sounds like you're doing a great job. If you are still managing to do experiments while writing grants (which is not really your job imo, but labs do things differently and funding bubble and so on) then it sounds like you are putting in the work and you will finish.
One of the stumbling blocks for me finishing (and my PhD supervisor was more helpful than yours seems to be) was just the impostor syndrome/uncertainty of what I would be doing afterward making it tough to write, but the knowledge that I should be writing or doing last-minute experiments making me feel like I couldn't do other fun things. I can't say I dealt with this all that well - in summer I had a scheduled weekly Frisbee game that was a good non-work thing, but in winter I didn't have anything scheduled and I think I veered a bit close to depression - so I guess all that I can say advice-wise is that that's normal and it's awful that your boss is unhelpful, but you will finish and you will finish even if you take a bit of time to have fun.

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Oh, and
Leia leads space teens
Luke does machines
Han is cool but rude
and, uh, is Chewbacca a party dude?
Obi-Wan is Splinter.

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LOTR Hobbits (all hobbits are Michaelangelo to some extent, but have variations when you dig deeper)
Frodo takes on the responsibility and is Leonardo
Sam always stops for lunch and is Michaelangelo
Merry is Donatello (didn't really do machines, but he has the maps)
Pippin is Raphael (always rushing into a fight)

I can't quite make the rest of The Fellowship work though. I assume Gandalf is Splinter, which presumably leaves Aragorn as Leonardo. Gimli must be Donatello because dwarves are makers. And Boromir being so suspicious and cool and rude should be Raphael, but Legolas can't be Michaelangelo so I must have gone wrong somewhere.