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I'm going to need a new printer soon and it's good to know about what is out there and might be a possibility!
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Milk chocolate, usually, but some dark chocolates can be quite good, including what some of the Green & Black bars contain.
My recent post Gluten and Allergen Free Chocolate Chips?

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Wow, that's ridiculous. I have two beautiful tall female friends (5'9ish) and they have NEVER expressed resentment or made accusations like that thankfully. They have dated men who were as tall or taller than they are and never said a word about shorter women 'stealing' men from them. In contrast a fellow petite woman, only 1/4" taller than me, told me that she felt bad for tall girls - that they should get the tall men, not the petite women. Easy for her to say because she prefers shorter men. I don't have a preference, but when I've dated tall men and there was a mutual attraction and we had a lot in common, why would it be okay for me to back off and say, "I know we're very compatible but I'm petite so I shouldn't date you." That would be terribly wrong for both myself and the guy who liked me.

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I like the trends shown here, particularly the wedge and platform shoes! I look forward to wearing my favorite Fly London sandals when the weather gets a bit nicer. :)

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I look forward to reading the fashion magazine. It will be wonderful to see women my size in clothes that I won't need to hem and alter so much!

How tall are the lovely petite models Carly and Carrie?

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It's very interesting how fashions change, and often not for the best! Are you positive that Rita Hayworth was so tiny (4'11)? I've read in so many places that she was 5'5 or 5'6, and that's what I would have guessed based on her films. I'd love to know where you found that data!

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So true! At just under 5'1 almost all of my pants and skirts have to be hemmed and they still aren't a perfect fit afterward. I have had a few things custom made to avoid this, but that can be very expensive if you want quality materials and design. Sometimes I find clothes in high end vintage consignment stores because they used to make clothes much smaller. However, as much as I like some of the retro styles, I don't like to buy clothes that have been previously worn when possible. Clothes made for Asian women can sometimes work, but a slim Asian woman's figure is often a bit different than a slim Caucasian's figure like I have.

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Excellent article. Thank you for educating people about this! I'm just under 5'1 and love learning about beautiful women who are closer to my size. It definitely frustrates me that petite women are not being represented in the fashion world given how many of us there are. I had no idea that some of my favorite female stars, both now and from the past, are petite! Many of them are or have been considered to be the most beautiful women in the world. More proof that this discrimination is absurd.

I read that Elizabeth Shue (so beautiful, IMO) is 5'2: but given how height is exaggerated, maybe she's shorter? At least she's a true petite officially!