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Someone get that woman more drinks!

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I was about four years old. My siblings and I had these old, unpainted, plastic toys of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. One night, I dreamt that the red sabertooth tiger became real. He was still a red-plastic color, but he was about the size of a dog (I think that's how big I thought saber-toothed tigers actually were.) He came into my room at night and kept trying to bite me, but he couldn't quite get his whole body up on the bed, so he could just snap and fall off. But he was very fast, and I had to keep dodging to keep him from biting my foot.

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Alternate ending where Chainsawsuit never changes:
"Daddy, am I big enuf to see yo comix?"
"Uh...sure. My comic... is called... 'Sheldon.' "

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If you read this comic backwards, it tells the story of a young couple that becomes bitter as they face life's trials.

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Prepare to present your case to a jury of your piers.

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I think debates should bring back the vaudeville hook to remove poor performers. Keep it simple.

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I'm appalled! You mean future hotel rooms won't include a shower?

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You only consumed coffee and alcohol? And you left the energy drink food group completely untouched? There's your problem.

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That was a fun little inside joke. Even my friends and relatives (casual webcomics readers that they are) recognized Straub and Kurtz.

Bill Amend has done this joke before with syndicated cartoonists. Is it a coincidence that he switched to webcartoonists with less than a week before PAX Prime? There's politics at work.

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Later, the guy with the scarf will try out that conversation starter with his other friends. He won't mention the hat guy as the original source.