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But of course if the IRS looked into spurious teabagger groups such as this - it would be "absolute tyranny by Obama".....

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well it's nicer and more informative than the ad the right-wingers are drooling over today, the Teabagger candidate (Tom Cotton) who has his old army drill sergeant not-really-yelling at him throughout the ad, for "character".....that is like the worst Kubrick outtakes from "Full Metal Jacket" -- and of course the dittoheads are falling over each other in their fulsome praise. Also the drill sergeant is black ergo racism is over.....

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horrible -- because votes must be paid for by the Koch brothers & Sheldon Adelson fair & square!

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wait she was once a great cheerleader for endless wars and torture --- but she's butthurt over Obamacare and it's success?

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oh they'll just say Obama & Pelosi & Hillary ordered 'em to "stand down" a la Benghazi where we had a million guys ready to go in with guns blazing within 5 minutes etc.

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I think they meant "Blazing Saddles"....maybe the BLM should send in "Black Panthers" as their security forces (you know that's what Roger Ailes of Faux News is dreaming of)......

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I watched the redneck NV mob on youtube. And rather than being filled with pride about liberty & freedom & apple pie they represent --- all I could think about is if they were a bunch of Mexicans or native Americans or blacks violently protesting this "land dispute" --- we'd already be seeing the dogs unleashed, the tear gas canisters launched and (most likely) 57 bullets each shot at 'em. And Faux News & Beck et al would be cheering on the Feds in this case.

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but the Scopes trial - we're proud of that!

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hahaha that's the RepugliKKKan mindset in a nutshell. Gun-wielding neo-Nazi's are just having an opinion and let 'em be --- but if you don't like an oil company ruining your environment -- you're an evil "eco-terrorist" who must be immediately silenced if not killed!

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If you could squeeze petroleum out of an abortion -- RepugliKKKans would screech it's every woman's duty to get knocked up and have an abortion every few months.....