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For a script, I think it's funny they still use first person when describing the scenes. School's taught me to use third person when describing stuff in essays and scripts.

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Mmm, not bad.

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Yes, the Mane6 never asked for donations. I've said it in my opinion above, "Fans signing up Fighting is Magic for EVO led to the end for the fanmade game." While getting recognition in EVO wasn't the only issue that Hasbro took note, it is certainly a powerful one.

Now I'm not a lawyer nor am I good at legal battles, but what I can say is this: A copyright protects an original artistic work such as a piece of art in a show, but copyright law doesn't protect companies from independent artists to illustrate on Adobe Illustrator on let's say, a Twilight Sparkle with exactly the same style of art. Trademarks, however, are very ill-defined and is currently in the grey area, note that there are things that clearly not associated with Hasbro's organization (Every Pony Convention and especially the vendors selling My Little Pony art). In a way, displaying MLP characters in public technically is a trademark violation. However, you can also argue that with the 1st Amendment, people do have the right to assemble and share things that they love, and so that is one example why trademark law is so grey.

Trademark law can go either way for the better or worse, but regardless of the outcome, we'll keep rolling along.

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GO! Be there at the Seeds of Kindness charity stream :)

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Of all the conventions that had to have a hiatus nooooo D:
I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store. 14 is an unlucky number in Chinese anyways.

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I'm in Hong Kong and we just had a convention and yes, it's much bigger.

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Planning to donate 10X more this year than last year.

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I'm not too surprised Sapphire Shores is singing, she is a pop singer after all.

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I’m glad Rarity gets her own episode next season. Also, I really hope Octavia and some of the other background ponies get their own songs given that there are 15-20 new songs in S4. IMO I hope Season 4 redeems some the creativity that seemed a bit lackluster in Season 3 and return it to the glory of Season 1 and 2 levels.