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Two years, and it's the longest album made by any single person in the fandom (so, not including compilations like Balloon Party and All Fours Down). HeyLasFas did all of it himself, except for the mixing and mastering, which was handled by Klisk.

It truly is an amazing CD, with some great riffs and melodies, and a downright tear inducing storyline.

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Click the words in blue to be taken to the download/listen page of any of the albums. May I suggest checking out "Destiny: A Take of Unicorn Wings"? ;)

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"Destiny: A Tale of Unicorn Wings" was the best first-listening experience I've ever had with a CD. So many strong emotions and strong guitar riffs. Everyone in the fandom needs to listen to it; anyone interested in new, experiment music needs to listen to it, regardless of if they give a care about ponies or not!

Favorite track is Dusk, but I don't recommend skipping straight to it, because of spoilery reasons. But it's one of the very best songs ever written about a pony.

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Been reading this story since it first premiered on FiMFiction, and it's definitely a good 'un.

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Sorry, but I do not believe HeyLasFas' track belongs here. To me, it clearly deserves to have been spot-lit. It's simply a remarkable track, and isn't a type of song that the brony community sees a lot of. The song is mixed and produced just fine for the genre it is in; the dirty feel to the instrumentation is, in fact, part of the appeal.

I'm not going to argue opinions about musical taste, because I'd like to believe those have nothing to do with what gets a track spot-lit. I'm just going to say that not all genres should be critiqued the same way. Just my opinion, though.

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These videos are great, but you know how they could be even better? PUT SPACE BEHIND IT!
I eagerly look forward to the episode where Derpy and Vinyl FIND THE COMPUTER ROOM!
Why do all ponies have cutie marks on their ALMOST ASSES?
And the most important question to ask ourselves about these videos... ARE THEY RAVISH?

/Psyguy & Whachow quote test

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First time I've ever pre-ordered something off of Amazon. I always wanted my first time to be special... *tear drop*

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Over 4000+ words written since yesterday, and I have all of the rest of episode 1 of my story planned out in my head. Things are going smoothly for me so far.

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I'm in. I've had a plan for a long-form, episodic story for that I've wanted to work on for months, but kept putting off because I thought it would better suit a webcomic than a novel. But I don't want to put it off any longer, and this is the perfect time to get started.

I wrote out much of the story bible yesterday night, detailing the character's personalities, places of interest in and around the city they live in, and 12 episode ideas. Until august, I'll be fleshing out the outlines for those episodes, and once it's time to start, I'm not going to participate in any leisure activities aside from writing until month's end.

Lyra, Bon-Bon, Derpy, Trixie, Octavia, and Vinyl... put these ponies together, and what do you get? "The Subordinate Six*", coming this August to a FIMFiction.net near you.

*Working title only.

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Derpy Doo is not canon... the "Smile" episode script and song was written in the same period that "The Last Roundup" was written, BEFORE the Derpy debacle. If the name "derpy" had to be taken out of THAT episode, then it stands to reason that it cannot exist as Derpy's canonical name unless Hasbro/Studio B decides to go back on that decision.

Please, change the post to reflect this.