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The way to look fabulous!

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The french translation... my heart is bleeding. Like seriously "Friendship will hold us through the years" you lose lot of meanings, there is even a misinterpretation in it, and it's ugly as hell gramatically speaking when you hear it.
And "Equestria filles" no, just no. I finished my first year in translation and this is an error you can't do, because you will look like an idiot in front of the other students as it is so clumsy.
Seriously this is not even good french!

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Don't give up! Like everything it take time and fails, the more you fail the better the success taste. I believe in you, you can do it! :)

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Damn Kyo, the pun is real here.

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#1 First was made for FAP (Festival of Asian Post-apocalyptica) what did you expect?

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#38 Brace yourslef, sethisto is comming.

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Plz ExNonny, the truth hurts T-T
She stills a godess for me, well not like God, more like a divine creature (not into ponies but damn you can see her beauty even as a pony)

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You are right, I didn't have all the lyrics at this moment, and well, some sentences (two or three) could metaphoricly evoke masturbation (but this is quite far-featched); the words ship and this fandom tend to have a dangerous outcome in my mind sorry ;_; (we know what can happen)
Thanks for the clearing :)

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Question for native english people:
I always had the feelings that those lyrics kinda had an other meaning more 18+ if you see what I mean, I'm wrong?

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