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Dear Brentan,

There is too much for me to say, as a medical advocate for a rape crisis center here in Chicago I ask that you visit us. I've written this open letter to you, please read it.

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THANK YOU, RUTH!!! My life-partner and I are getting married in June as soon as it becomes legal here in Illinois. Everyone is concerned with the fact that they are surprised that I am marrying a woman, as I never told anyone is a lesbian. I am not going to start now. Who I go to bed with is no one's business. My partner and I are a building a life of support, mutual respect and care. We are also preparing our home for children and want to ensure that our rights are not infringed upon by the religious social opinions that we do not subscribe to. So, Jerry, my darling, your bigotry won't stop us from creating beautiful lives filled with love.

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My local news just reported on the Brizz's tax return. They didn't mention that the foundation really didn't do anything else but put her on the payroll. This is news? I don't even live in a conservative backwater.

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If I'da knewd all the naked ladies in them there pitchers was lesbos, I'da gone to that museum when I was protestin' there wit my Obama-Hitler eats Christians babies and wants to kill your gramma to make a socialist commie regime signs.

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If abortions are so "profitable" can I trade my unwanted fetus for some Jimmy Choo's?

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Hey!! We aren't all complete idiots! Some of us are just corrupt.

Greetings from Chicago!

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DUH!!! I mean come one! I can't understand why all these womyn think they are somehow MORE valuable than an incubator! Brainwash the children!! Birth more conservatives!!!

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Because that's exactly what we need. More children who are born into situations in which they are not wanted and a constant reminder of their mother's assault. Maybe this clown is part of an adoption ring... imagine how much money he could make selling black market babies.