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There was a baby. A masters degree, finding a new job and moving the length of the country. So whilst it feels like yesterday, the small child starting school this year 200 miles from where I started reminds me that it has flown.

I've loved this journey. I've learnt a lot about how to read books, spot clues and noticed things that I hadn't read on the previous 20 reads.

And having also finished Winnie-The-Pooh today, I love that Rosethorn, Briar, Evvy and Luvo ride off forever, in much the same way as Christopher Robin wanders off with Pooh. Its the end of an epic, and even knowing what happens next, its the best way to end, with things finished and yet open.

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I've been wanting that forever, but am I correct in thinking it is on indefinite hold?

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This is where I start to tune out. I can't quite "get" magma spirits as distinct personalities. Its not even how Evvy describes rocks, and certianly more personality than the kids put in their magic at first. Bless Jayet though, he's very kind in how he deals with Evvy, who has so far mostly been rude to him. Especially as we know its Nory he's chasing.

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I quite "like" the link back to Tris. In a medieval-level populated world, it isn't surprising that eventually one of her victim's children pops up, especially given all the travelling we're doing. And I think this is where I finally twigged as a YA just how horrific Tris's killings had been. Rather than kill the pirates, it becomes killing of people, parents with children. Of course she still had to do it, and even Nory doesn't seem to be blaming Tris, but it makes all of those hundreds of deaths suddenly very personal.

And Evvy needs a shake to get some empathy into her. Even if she's fractious, its no excuse for how she's acting.

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Sorry that was how you were treated. I can fully see why that has left you with a distaste for this treatment.

I was simply coming at it with a Myrrtide is a classic classist fool who doesn't care/realise how offensive he's being because he isn't seeing that others don't have the choices, options and opportunities he has. Especially as he is in a position of authority himself, as a fairly senior Dedicate from Winding Circle, he is capable of doing a lot of damage.

I don't know, I think that Myrrtide's failure to live up to his responsibilities to the wider world as an authority figure are worse than Luvo's scolding. If he was only voicing these in private to Rosethorn then it would be fine, but he's criticising people who are doing the best they can to make a living and help their communities with the hand they've been dealt.

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But Rosethorn has pulled Myrrhtide up on things, repeatedly. He isn't listening.

If this catches his attention, then maybe he can change how he treats other people.

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Thank you! I was beginning to decide I'd made a word up (wouldn't be the first time)

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Maybe surprised is the wrong word, its something that makes me alarmed for how people are going to react to her, especially when compared to say Briar's determination to hide plant's reactions to him

Sarky: mildly sarcastic. Possibly spelt with a c, spelling isn't what I do well.