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I really enjoyed your thoughts, Kevin. That story about the $100 word is great ,and I agree it is actually worth MUCH more. To say thanks and MEAN it is a priceless gift! THANKS for another wonderful post.
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Message received loud and clear, Brian. Great reminder. Thanks for this!

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In other words, God took Christ, who knew no sin, to represent our sin and receive the punishment due for sin in His death on the cross. God did this, so that we, who were His enemies, alienated from Him by or sins, might be reconciled back to Him!

I really enjoyed the way you put this, Kevin. Such an amazing story of grace and love. Thank you!
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Love this! Thank you.

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Very well put! That picture really says it all... it gives me chills. Thank, Kevin.

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You really are a wonderful encourager. Thank you, Kevin.

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That account has always been one that haunts me. To have lived through that event is a thought that terrifies me.

Very powerful post... thank you!

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It was not the look of a man who loved. It was Love. Love was standing before her.

What a wonderful way to look at this. A story we've all heard many times... but somehow now much more powerful and real...

Thanks, Jeff.

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Such a terrible tragedy. You wrote about it beautifully, Kevin. Prayers for all involved, for healing and comfort.
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Thanks, Kevin. I'm still reading through the posts, but I'm overwhelmed by what everyone has written.

I can't wait to finish!