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Look forward to the next show? If this is something you do a lot. Yes one communal experience has ended, but it's not the end of communal/theatrical experiences!

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I feel like a lot of people think being selfish is always a negative thing. Sometimes it is, but in the case of self-preservation it's not. It's expected to do things for yourself. You were selfish in that you did something to bring attention to your problem to get help, maybe not in the safest way but it had a cause that makes sense.

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It's so interesting to see how John Green himself grows as a person in his adulthood by reading his books and following along with things he talks about on the internet. It's such a unique insight into an author's attitudes and beliefs, and seeing those contrasted with what the characters he creates say and do contextualizes it all in a way that's deep but also not laid out like, 'this is precisely why i wrote this and there's no mystery whatsoever'.
I feel like this book, being his first, is the best example. A lot of the criticisms on the book have been addressed by John or he's basically shown himself to have moderately updated opinions on things. He's a smart person and it reads in his novels, even when it's not perfect you can still be impressed.

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Well if they gave up the technology necessary to replicate things like vaccines and scanning... it definitely would be and everyone would know that.

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"why do I have so many college papers to write?"

Oh that reminds me of why I got onto my computer :[

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I screamed when I saw on your tumblr "blahblahblah instead of Jekyll" then I may have actually screamed and come to this link immediately.

BASICALLY my best friend/formerly it's complicated recommended this show to me over the summer and I'm amazed by it and today he even presented a scene in our theatre class that was Jekyll/Hyde adaptation so I DON'T KNOW WHY IT DIDN'T OCCUR TO ME THAT THIS WAS YOUR NEXT PROJECT.

The subtle cosmetic changes didn't even make themselves apparent to me until the show progressed; in each episode I'd notice some other tiny little change, which is wonderous for the makeup artist. Also I love seeing how Moffat brought Meera Syal ("Miranda") back to Doctor Who and Gina Bellman from Coupling into this one. James Nesbitt I was never familiar with and he's WONDERFUL.

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That said, I think the concept of all this being in the distant past rather than the distant future is SUPER cool. I just feel that needing to ditch the technology was too much shoe-horning. I think someone suggested they could've come into Earth!human history at a later time and it would've made sense.

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The reason the finale bothers me -- and why I seem to dislike it more each time I rewatch it -- is because I don't understand WHY anyone would choose to ditch the technology.
Ditch the ships? Cool, land's pretty sweet and they all did that before. Not build a gigantic city? Okay, understandable, would they even have the resources anyway? But they've spent YEARS fighting for access to a steady food supply, adequate health care, and et cetera, and just cos the fields are pretty.... 35,000 people agree to leave it all behind? They all just get backpacks?! And even with Lee's character development I can't see him being the proponent for this.

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I NEVER would have made that connection. He even uses the word promised. You so smart. omg that's... ;_;