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Dig a bit deeper and you'll notice there's quite a lot of them.
Working with editorials/fashion weeks/fittings/anything fashion+model related I notice it's a "frequent problem" having models who have too big tits to fit a dress for example. Then again, that might say more about the garments created rather than the models...

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Might want to add that this is from March 8th 2010, to avoid confusion

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Welcome back

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I'm somehow captivated by her hair. — It reminds me of straw or sticks, in a good way (whatever that means)

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No, thank you.

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It was mentioned in the comments for the Marloes editorial from a few days back as well!

It's -ALL- over the place now.

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Bit bored of seeing the Prada dress over and over and over again.
It's as if this season doesn't have anything else to offer...

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Bit bland, no?

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Great editorial —
I wish Miss Kerr would continue doing fashion shoots and do less FHM..

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Admittedly I've only seen her old music videos. I don't own a Tv and never have. I will however have a look at youtube right now.
Regardless, from what I've seen she's probably a bit "too much" for certain people, but you have to remember & consider the fact that there's "an entire world" out there loving her. If not, she never would have been as popular as she is now.

Compare it with the nudity in fashion, for some people it's natural and no big deal. People see a pair of tits, a penis or a vagina and never really even consider it. They're just 100% OK with it. For other people on the other hand, tits & other intimate parts are an absolute tabu.

One could even go to the extremes of saying compare the muslim (arabic) world with the western world.
Hey, let's compare Saudi Arabia with Spring Break!

I think I've made my point..