Addie at Bodhi Tree Pose

Addie at Bodhi Tree Pose


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"Play 'what happens when'"...I love that! Great article.

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Chaturanga is one of the most common sources of injury in yoga, so you are smart not to demo a pose you're not sure you can do well. Lots and lots of your students may be in the same boat as you, unable to do chaturanga over and over in a flow class without risk. So, they will benefit from your knowledge as you start to build up to it and share with them how you can get there step-by-step. There are some good techniques for working up to chaturanga with a bolster underneath you to limit the range of motion until you have more control (here's one: I personally gave up practicing and teaching vinyasa flow a few years ago, largely because chaturanga so irritates my shoulder tendons (and I'm pretty strong and well aligned). I didn't mind shifting gears, because it coincided with more therapeutic emphasis in my training and teaching anyhow. So, that is just to say that you might find a world of yoga out there that you could enjoy chaturanga-free.