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Huzzah... Thanks you jon stewart, we ARE restoring SANITY.

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For that matter Obama doesn't give a crap what anyone thinks. Polls and votes aren't going to scare them anymore. A man that plays golf every other day, eats fries with Russians, and laughs with Paul McCartney, bops his head to Kelly Clarkson on "White House Wednesday Party Night", is not going to ever give a crap again. He's been put there to do what he is doing and he knows it, and screw the rest of us. In fact, those people in the south can fold up shop and be homeless inhaling toxic oil fumes for all he cares. We are in trouble, and have no true way to change the course.

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Not only do "Democrats" not resign, but Progressive/Racist appointees by Obama's Marxist Corporate Puppet Regime will never resign. I mean Dodd is still in charge of the financial regulations bill even after being outed as a crook, Geithner got promoted after cheating taxes. Nancy remained supreme, even upgraded her office to 18k a month and jet, for lying about the CIA. It's a prerequisite for liberals to dick everyone over- say/do anything they want, and never pay the consequences.

Is Rangel getting ousted? Or is he still there? I don't remember.
Wasn't the black democrat caucus wanting the Ethics committee to stop looking into their affairs?

This is what we get for having not believed the people in power and media were really as bad as they are. This is tyranny, and let me just say. Eric Holder doesn't give a fudge what anyone thinks. It doesn't matter anymore... they've denigrated the nation to the point that laws don't apply... if you are a liberal.

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Yeah just like we can trust this bunch to act during a disaster instead of letting toxic oil, benzene and chemicals kill off the "non-Obama-Votin' base" in the south states.

Just like they closed dealerships that were identified as conservative owned or supporting conservatism.

Yeah, they're all a bunch of Pure ANNNNNGELS. Just like this asshat up here. Say what you got to say, then do what you got to do for your corporate-crony masters, billionaires in the elite rack of Progressivism.

But she's a wise Latina. So there you go.

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I got to say... we all know this. We all do. We knew it before his first day. We knew it when Rush brought up Soros in June of 2008. We knew it when he saw the bus loads of out of state Obamites show up at the Iowa Caucus.


I watch Beck, and see him expose him nightly on every detail. Detail the big guns won't get to.
But the damage has already been done!

There's no way we can roll back healthcare. The republicans would have to be as criminal as the democrats who passed it. And Republicans are always just "politicians" as opposed to Demoncrats and their Deceptions, Running as Conservatives, and Stealing. It's like they both are scummy... but Republicans are just run of the mill political hacks. These Dems and the decades before them have progressively been baptized into Hell.

I mean... And then the common folk. The 70% of people who really don't think, or vote ideologically, are too emotionally attached to think "outside the box" at the OBVIOUS of what is currently happening. Or they are too selfish in their cushy modern lifestyles to understand that liberties are gone! The same people who complained about our "civil liberties" when Bush was spending federal dollars in Iraq, I've also said, and what were you doing while the economy was 5% unemployment, the stockmarket was breaking records, and a rash of reality show development showed us our culture in all it's monstrous materialism/immaturity? Were you buying Lattes at Starbucks from 2002-2007???? YES. I guarantee it's a yes. Entitlement asshats.

Don't get me started on the state media. All of them except Jake Tapper apparently are willing to kill our nation.

So what can we do?

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I agree. It's DISGUSTING what deviant liberals have done to true Liberalism, (I guess Libertarianism) and the fabric of our country. Greedy, egotistical, immature "Progressives" who are the bane of humanity. The "totalitarians" that commit the true atrocities of Human Nature. That is their legacy. I know he's dead and all, but I won't glorify the precedent he set for today's moder "liberal" or "Progressive". It makes me angry that this woman [Kagen] revels in it. It should be grounds to "commit" her to an institution.

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Most interesting, perhaps, is Kagan’s support for cloning human beings. Clinton Library documents show that she opposed any effort by Congress to prevent human beings from being cloned specifically to create embryos that would be experimented upon, then killed. Gallup recently reported that 88% of Americans oppose cloning human beings. Kagan does not.

Awesome. Another Eugenics life-hating freak who wants to create zombie state "armies" to worship her and her Leftist elites. Where do the Left find their people? Is there a special psych-ward that creates them to order?

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This woman is uglier than sin.

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“Never again,” promised Obama on his first day in office. Never again.

I'm not sure Obama knows what he's reading off the prompters... but ooohhh ho, he "wrote that speech" right? While contemplating Lincoln's bible on the train ride Lincoln took. He is evil incarnate, precisely because he doesn't give a raging crap about United States citizens or their country. But oooooohhhhh that Soros MONEY SMELLS SO GOOD. And Yeah having a Beatle kiss your feet is sweet sweet sweet!

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Wasn't the Bork hearings when this country's decorum and civility jumped the shark and spawned the fetus of this current Leftism of who are totally disconnected from humanity by their own greed and ego, yet they can't take it when a republican calls a shakedown a shakedown.

Thanks TEDDY. You ASS. The country is a piece of crap because of you and your mouth.