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You are too cute. :) I tried to tweet a message to you on twitter today but just tweeted it out to all of twitter instead of @ing you. twitter fail. i agree w/ everyone. you can't tell!!!

and i'm pretty sure i'm logged in as carrie right now (old school) but i dont care. :)
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Nice - congrats!! Lloyd and I didn't combine anything when we moved in together. We tried to grocery shop together at first, but figured out very quickly that it was just too much trouble. We still eat a lot of meals together, so we both do our part in buying food for meals and household necessities. It is by no means exactly even, but neither of us are too worried about it, so it works out in the end.

Since we're both PF nerds, we haven't had any issues with finances. However, anytime you move in with someone, there is an adjustment phase. Early on, we got into arguments about him not cleaning out the fridge, me leaving my clothes in the dryer, etc. etc. I also realized that I'm the agressive one with the landlord on calling about apartment problems, etc. So, definitely be prepared for the adjustment. However, it's normal and you get through it and now we're happy as can be. ;)

Excited for you guys!

How's the new job, btw?

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I don't think anyone is really ever as fit as they think they are. :) It is awesome that you are always trying to do better. Good luck tonight! I hope you make the team you want!
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Bahahahaha, we all know Phil secretly loves the movie. He's been tweeting about it nonstop! I can't wait to see it! Have fun tonight!!!!!!

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I had a PT job at a gym for 2 years and really liked it and the free membership. But I just ended up quitting because I didn't like being scheduled for something every Tuesday night (they would never let me off either). If they would have been more flexible, I would have totally stayed there. Perfect part time job!
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Oooohhhh, I've been totally crushing on netbooks lately. I want one for all the reasons you listed. I think I may get one later in the year to offset any freelance income I have this year.

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Eating clean, minimally processed foods is so important! Thanks for emphasizing this!

I'd like to add that most people don't get enough protein in their diet, especially women. Women could easily maintain a better weight if they just ate a bit more protein and a bit less bad carbs (although, you still need high quality, complex carbs to help your weight loss as well).

Have you tried Yoga and weight lifting, Kelly? I find those are the best two ways to prevent and help injuries. :) Have a great day!

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WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Krystal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yeah, maybe you could consider getting more involved in blogging... ? You're good at it. :)

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I'm so sorry Krystal. That is awful. I can't believe they treated you like that! Like you said, there is obviously something better out there for you. You deserve to be treated so much better! That co-worker will get her karma!!!