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Oh - meant to add.... I read The Witch Elm for two different book clubs. It is a slow start and yes, different for Tana French but had it good moments and I won't discourage you from reading it if you are a TF fan.

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YAY! I thought Educated a wild experience.

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Interesting. I read Cheaper by the Dozen for some of the reasons you mention and I am a Gemini, too.

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I read this in 2014 (actually listened, narrated by the excellent Kate WInslet) because I thought a movie was being made but it looks like it fell apart or because of In Secret. Who knows. Anyway, loved this review. I would love to see the opera version.

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I thought about pairing Bridget Jones with Yes Please - must be the comedy link - but I was going for girl with feminist viewpoints having fun in the world. And the Martian pairings are PERFECT.

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He looks like such a sweetie!

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I recommend Stacy Horn's The Restless Sleep for a true crime rec.:)

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The only person I know who has (attempted to see/) seen this (except for online friends...) WALKED OUT and said it was awful! Guess I won't trust her movie reviews. ;)

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Congratulations! It's fun knowing you on this book blogging journey.
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oh yea - yippee for midlife and wisdom. (sarcasm)
Actually, this book does sound interesting. I was like that as a kid, learn it know it and if not, keep your mouth shut! right? I also was brought up to think asking questions was rude. so especially in social situations, I am embarrassed to ask followup questions in a conversation because I figure 'they' would tell me if they thought I needed to know something. I'm horrible when someone asks me if I've talked to some else we both know and the person wants to know x-y-z and I didn't even think to ask more. if that makes any sense.
I'm better now, and I am not afraid to tell people I don't know and would be glad to get back to them later with needed info (work situations)
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