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Not nearly as awful/gross as I expected it to be, haha.

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That actually made me go "awww" a little :)

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It's been confirmed that Mewtwo will be released later as paid DLC. And yes, Shadow is in the game as an Assist Trophy.

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Oh my. This is kind of huge, isn't it?

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It's none of my business, I know, but man you're missing out so much... So many good games...

(if you only care about smash, though, try the other SSB games. And Project M)

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Errrr... I do believe you're a little outdated. Fighting is Magic technically doesn't exist anymore. The Z-Engine will power the new Mane6 (the gamedev) game. The Fighting is Magic that everyone can play right now is the Tribute Edition, made by fans.

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Oh my God a ponified Cake Roll. I never thought I'd see it. And yet here it is. It is GLORIOUS!

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Damn! She's good! :D I'm a classical singer myself, and she makes me wish I could watch her live. I loved her in "I'll come running"!

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I come across a lot of interesting sights in my daily life, here in Portugal. I'll be sure to take my (Burguer King figurine) Pinkie along, then! :D

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Guys, this is great! This means that the next movie, at least, will DEFINITELY be about Pony, not HumanPony :D

And if you don't want to watch the new series, why would you? The main series will still exist.