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Love the Purple

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My tip: set the clock in your car 5 minutes ahead. Given that traffic is out of our hands, those 5 minutes have covered any number of red lights and unknown reasons that traffic moved at a crawl. All other clocks are set to the correct time and I do my best to 'forget' that I have that 5 min cushion in the car. People drive like idiots and I suspect that most are trying to get to an appointment on time.

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flan - the mail gets here late afternoon so it's way too late to make french toast.

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Guess I've been hiding in a hole - never heard of grilled donuts. Thanks for making me aware. And one of the kids said they tasted like funnel cake (which I love) gave me an idea. Have a shaker with powdered sugar in it by the grill. As the donuts come off, just give them a dusting ... just like funnel cake! Outside it isn't such a big deal that the powdered sugar will get everywhere. I so look forward to the county fair and a lot of that comes from knowing that I will get my annual funnel cake!
Now all I need to do is remember to grab some donuts to have on hand whenever the grill is fired up.

(thank you).

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My daughter has sensitive skin so we either use fragrance free or stick with baby formulas for the entire family. And we have a pool so our routine is sunscreen, more sunscreen and reapply the sunscreen.
Thank you for posting the 1 oz/use standard. Another way of judging use is how long your 8 oz bottle is lasting. Mom's with 2 kids and spending the afternoon at the pool - should have emptied the entire bottle if they properly applied enough before leaving the house and then reapplied every 2 hrs. Unfortunately many people purchase sunscreen at the beginning of the summer and it seems to last them forever unless they lose the bottle.

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What great flavors theyhave; I'd like to try the Calypso Mango first.
I FB like the sponsor
betty dennis

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Dutch Apple for me

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love to try their Stretch Mark Cream\betty dennis

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I could use either size so hope it is ok to enter both. I'd love the side mirror add ons