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I think I need to print this out and frame it for my desk so I can look at it all the time and be amazed all over again

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Re #3, definitely just stared at it in confusion for a good minute before I realized that, oh, his arm is raised and behind his head, his chest is NOT ACTUALLY massively deformed. I may need a new computer monitor.

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No idea, but now I want a tram of eagles to take me to work every day.

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I have the nicest neighbors ever and I would still use the Ring to avoid small talk.

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It never before occurred to me to wonder what the eagle did to deserve HIS daily task. I mean, ripping out the same liver every day? That has to get old after a while.

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Your phrase here made me smile: "if I were a cat, my fur would be so interesting!" It's just charming and I love it and that's all.

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After I miscarried a friend of mine who'd also been through this told me that I'd feel sometimes everything and sometimes nothing, but either way I was allowed to feel whatever I wanted. This has been helpful at times when I've felt I needed that permission; like it's been long enough that it seems like I shouldn't be sad anymore but I still am, or when I've been happy and it feels like I shouldn't be in the face of everything.

So, in case your brain is like mine and needs someone to say this is okay: it is absolutely okay to feel all the feels you need to, whether you are happy or sad or both at the same time, and don't worry about being irrational or whatever. And enjoy those cocktails :)

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The Dark is Rising! I loved that series. I made a faux medieval manuscript in middle school with some of the Welsh lines from one of the poems. It was unfortunately the line that translates to "The mountains are singing and the lady comes" and it took me a really long time to realize why the rest of my classmates laughed so hard when I told them what the Welsh meant.

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I got glasses in the second grade and ran into things/fell over a lot for a good solid week because my screwy different-in-each-eye prescription meant I had basically zero depth perception without glasses. It's never been quite that bad since, but every new pair of glasses means a couple days of weirdness while I adjust.