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Do you have any favourite episodes? Any most memorable moments?

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I still have hope of finding archives, but neither Singo nor the tv station kept copies. I've viewed a few bits and pieces, like an interview with Malcolm Fraser, but I didn't think Fraser was worth digitising. I hope that some of the guests who were on kept recordings and that somehow I'll hear of them.

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Thanks Terry. Can't wait!

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Hi Sukrit. The above was published five years before Wake Up Australia. Here are three links to various digitisation attempts I've made with Wake Up Australia:
1. (excerpts, part one)
2. (excerpts, part two)
3. (the complete book in pdf with a fully-hyperlinked table of contents to skip to any chapter)

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Good question. I don't recall any winner being announced at all. The announcement seems to have got all the publicity, and no one cared to follow-up.

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Publishing everything on the one page made more sense to me than publishing them all separately. But I guess there are advantages and disadvantages either way. is different to all other sites, but it is arranged in a way that makes most sense to me and my research.

If you would like help finding anything, please just ask me or try the search bar at the top of the middle column.

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Max: I don't see how you can think I can follow your arguments. I can't even tell when you are quoting or not. It's as though you don't actually want to have a genuine conversation, and you don't trust yourself to use your own words even when it is to deal with an objection that your favourite authors have not addressed.

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Not at all. You are confusing libertarians and libertines. Libertarianism is a political philosophy, not a complete morality, but it is compatible.

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Max: I don't see how you can think all your comments are relevant to the articles they are meant to be commenting on.

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Max: So your argument is an appeal to the authority of Mises? You haven't provided any reasoning. And it is amazing to think what motivation you have to continue ignoring the click-to-expand middle and right columns of, where every argument you have made in defence of taxation has been addressed.