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'Pious' people were hurt by the facts in the above post!

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Gorbachev not an iceman in late 80s, but a niceman? But most Russians still think, i gather, of Gorbachev as a foolishman or an antisocialist. Putin also an antisocialist? And not just an anticommunist?
Is Putin against antisocialism which the Biblical Acts, Luke, and James promulgated?
How about Hedges? Does he, being a Christian, reject parts of the Bible which speak of and condemn the rich?
I still don't know even tho i have been reading his pieces for two decades.

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I care very little for Trump's health, wealth, rule, etc. So, if he's annoyed or scared or impeached by Congress, i would say, So, who cares. It would matter very little, i suggest or zero to Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Palestina or even most Ameriicans.
For that reason i read only a bit of what Cohen adduced.

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Some of the major tribal gods have been commanding their respective tribes to kill pregnant girls for millennia. And they command it now also. Yahweh was solely a tribal god until ca. 700 BCE. Jesus was also solely a tribal god until, say, 35 CE. And he agreed with Yahweh on necessity of putting to death the unborn.
Was Allah also solely a tribal god for some time? Did he also command Arabs put to death the unborn? Well, i avoid reading that blood-soaked Islamic book; so, i can't say the same for it as some other books.

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Did the two US dictatorial classes have to stage 9/11 to militarily attack Afgh'n and thereafter also Iraq and Libya? But if the two classes needed a false flag action to wage war[s], why haven't they attacked Iran? It had been Iran which Israel wanted suffer ere any other country in the Middle or Near East.
Or were the dictators scared to attack Iran'02; just as they seem to be frightened of even just bombing of Iran'19?

And surely, Mossad also knew that it needed not to egg on or do some hostile acts against US for it to attack Iran, Iraq.....

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Will the two top US classes against own and alien masses overcome or be able to overcome their grief of not obtaining what they have hoped and even thought was a certainty to obtain in Syria?
Not for some decades, Right?
So do i expect US to continue persecuting, sanctioning, bombing, and dividing Syria? Yes, i do. And not just harming Syria, but even Serbia. Kosovans now threaten to grab even part of Serbia proper and then join Albania.

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Happy to read that Assange will not be hauled away to Sweden. Now i await good news that he will not be taken to US.
But when the persecution and prosecution of Assange ends [hopefully ere the year is up] where will he be safe?
In Russia, China only?

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War on Cooba, si; war on Rossiya, nyet. The Rus defeated Hans'41-'45 and two decades ago also Josh. Josh no more rob the Rus.

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Yes, we must end supremacistic [nazi] thinking and doings. AC, by using the word "to confront", is obfuscating or vacuous, or seems to me that he is, about what actually we must do to end it once for all time.
One of the first tasks we must do, according to me, is to get the so-called deplorables to fully understand that they are serfs, meat for wars/abuse of all kinds.

And then what? Well, we, the "deplorables" decide.

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Yes, most rightwing politicians love fascism or even persono-national supremacism [aka Hitlerian nazism]. It is generated by or created or caused by clerical supremacisms [of imams, rabbis, priests, lamas, sris, shamans, sorcerers, wizards, lizards, charlatans, psychopaths, and the like people.
Trump, tho, is just one of the billion [my est.] such personas. So, is it fair to just pick on Trump, defective Pompeo, funni Bolton......?