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My grandpa once sat down and told me a story about the scissor-man, as well as one about a person who.. uh... well, it was a story about the importance of washing your hands, and if you didn't, a man would cut them off. Yeah. This was because I asked him why all the fairytales in my mom's books were so boring. My dad walked in at the end of the second story and went, "Is that another god-danged German folktale? Really? REALLY?!?" and they had a furious discussion about what is and isn't appropriate for a young child to hear. haha whooopppsssss

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Things That Are Not Wrong With Ikari Gendo:

6) Cool glasses I guess

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When I watched this episode, I got really confused. "But... you can pet hedgehogs without hurting them."

"It's a metaphor," my long-suffering friend said. "Even Freud said--"
"Freud never pet a hedgehog and should be ashamed of himself. SO SHOULD SHINJI'S DAD"
"Yes, I know how much you hate Gend--"
"I agree entirely."
".... Just the robot, I guess."
"I will adopt him, then. I will adopt all of these children. They will all get therapy and be safe."

Big Spoilers V nyfb anzrq gur tvnag ebobg "Zbzzn Obg" orpnhfr vg fnirq Fuvawv naq nccneragyl vzcevagrq ba uvz yvxr n qhpx. Sbe qnlf, zl sevraq (jub jnf nyfb zl ebbzzngr) jbhyq whfg ybbx ng zr naq fgneg tvttyvat.

When I started watching this show, I found out that this was the reason all my guy nerd friends couldn't hear the song "Fly Me To The Moon" without getting emotional. I thought my guy friends were just.... really into Frank Sinatra for some reason. After I saw these first few episodes of this show, I was hanging out with everyone and went, "Really, guys? All of you? Did you all get really into NGE and that's why there's a Sinatra CD in your house?" after which I was promptly surrounded by excitable guys asking how far into the show I was, what I liked about it, what my theories were, etc etc. My friend who was watching the show with me was sitting back, cackling, because he was the one who was there while I routinely gestured at the tv and ranted about how someone needed to think about the children.

Edit: Should note that most of my friend group in the geeky community were women, but most of the women in our group were into gaming more than anime. NGE wasn't on our radar so much.

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Haha! Guess who got bullied for reading this book!

I was in middle school, and the local bullies were a gaggle of very rich girls, who used to do things like steal my clothes while we were changing during gym--explaining that to my mom once a week was always horrible, because we couldn't afford new clothes and I was stuck with less and less. One of them saw me reading this book during break. They ended up doing that thing where they tossed the book back and forth among each other, until a girl they wanted to be friends with told them to stop. The last girl bent the book backwards until the spine broke. When I tearfully explained this to the librarian on returning the book, she was furious. She ended up allowing me to skip recess/half of lunch for the rest of the year to hang out in the library, where she offered me suggestions, helped me research for homework, and talked to me very passionately about the Free Tibet movement. Bless libraries, yes, but also bless librarians. In every library I frequented, there was always one librarian who would notice how often I visited and would strike up a conversation, suggest new books, or even give me advice on college scholarships.

(I'm also married to a librarian-in-training, so I might be biased.)

I am so excited to reread this series. Can't wait to see what Mark gets out of it!

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Honestly, though, when ARE we going to get to investigating Naomi's disappearance?

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Do you know how many people in my school started casually cosplaying as L after this

And the tables were really close to the benches at the cafeteria, so you'd walk past row after row of kids in baggy white shirts and baggy jeans, their knees drawn painfully up while the edge of the table pressed into their shins.

Sugar intake tripled, though, which was great.

It wasn't as intense as the pokemon fandom in elementary school, but it was an interesting phenomena.

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I couldn't really deal with this chapter. I was on break at work--thank goodness my job gave us an hour for lunch, because I spent most of it crying! I can't imagine how hard it must have been to write.

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Werewoof Angua! Aw yeah!

I'm disappointed in Carrot--Here is a person who knows the city so well, seems to recognize most citizens by name, and yet isn't even trying to get to know a whole section of the city's populace just because they are undead? I would have thought he'd be the sort of person who would be miraculously at ease with Mrs Cake and co.

Well, that's what character development is for, I guess.

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I love Angua. Pratchett's tendency to throw ladies in a story only to have the men around them dial up the lust is definitely frustrating at this point. (spoilers ahoy) Ohg vg frrzf yvxr ur vf fgnegvat gb fuvsg trnef n yvggyr va gung ur vf tvivat Nathn n fhocybg sebz ure cbvag bs ivrj, naq gur vavgvny njxjneqarff zbfgyl tbrf njnl nsgre guvf obbx. V qb yvxr Nathn naq Pneebg gbtrgure. Ohg V ernq gur thneq obbxf bhg bs beqre, fb frrvat ubj gurl fgnegrq vf vagrerfgvat.

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This is where my mind goes after Briar's comment tbh:

My apologies to Tamora Pierce for probably drawing her all wrong.

HOW INTENSE IS THE END OF THIS CHAPTER? Fin is awful. So awful. I hope Sandry curses him so that whenever he tries to dress, his clothes wriggle away or burst into flame.