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maybe he will pay his taxes!

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I do not believe Obama was warning Assad, I think it was a cue to go for it!

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would is the operative word!

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Yes indeed. The peripherycan spread good news as well... would have given my right arm for Herman Cain to have read Thomas Sowell's article before he dropped out ... Newt is kind of Sowell's least of evils choice! There is not a single doubt in my mind at to whom Sowell was speaking! http://tamaraheater.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/clas...

Sure hope conservative learn this ad tap into it!

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Ron Paul is a quack !

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i believe it is coming to a ripe nasty head on a boil .... we will rid ourselves of this usurper before the 2012 election! tick, tock, tick, tock........

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This is truly a sing of STRENGTH people KNOW, can see, feel and tap into! Awesome post!

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I think he believe this too, but a STRONG reminder never hurts! Great article !!

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LOL...no doubt .....horrors are coming....NO WHERE to run, NO WHERE to hide ...so follow me!...Dems are so funny...they crack me up!
My recent post Eligibility Matter A Distraction NO 86 TO YES 13- KARL ROVE WRONG!

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Suicidal is an appropriate word, did you know there are many people who fantasize about being tortured before death....strange as it may seem it is true....it is horribly unfortunate, but if if were just one or two we could say these people are crazy, but this is more cultive than that. These folks run in packs. Much like the packs that want to kill them.....