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this bears repeating...the war ended 10 years ago!

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the ellipsis represent me punching myself every time I go for the play button!

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I think so too, when I was in the closed beta it was only on NA servers, and when open came round it switched me automatically to EU without question, it still may have the option in the launcher for NA but I think its gonna be disabled since mine shall be a EU copy...

It'l be a shame if I can't be with the EQD community but I think the fun factor of Wildstar will trump that bummer,

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Since Im from Europe, If the guild is on an American server and I can play on it properly, without much ping or at all, I would be ok with anything, including guild name, faction and server choice!!!

I already reserved the name Rarijack, and she's gonna be a fabulous down to earth engineer.

Also I got "Starfish Command" reserved for guild name, not pony related but sounds funky!

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Dragon Ball ain't got nothin' on Twilight VS Tirek fight, also Luna singing = mass feels, now that's a finale! Thank you DHX, EQD, fanwork creators, Lauren, writters, VAs, even the Hub (still feeling the loss of Button) and all the people that made this journey so special!!! ON TO SEASON 5, LET THE LONG WAIT, BEGIN!!!

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Its magic, I ain't gotta explain diddly squat!

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just wanna give thanks to all the brony community, EQD, derpibooru, the video makers, the animators, the amazing creators of fantastic music, stories, drawings and such and all others that made the wait for season 4 a little easier and a lot of fun!

Hooves crossed, fangasms on standby, sqees at the ready and FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!!!

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I love things that can bring an ear to ear smile on my face, included are marzipan, proper Star Wars, a great video game, Leslie Knope and company, start of a new Top Gear series, Tali...But never could I have imagined that 6 colourfull mares joined in friendshp, a pair of magical sisters, a baby dragon and a ditzy grey pony with googly eyes could have made that smile even wider!

Thank you ponies and thank you bronies for being so wonderful!!!

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OK this is a pretty big surprise, but I think it shall be a pleasant one, seems much more streamlined, a nice change before season 4 which can now arrive on EQD in style

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For us bronies who live in the places that won't show it or even get a dvd\brdbd of it when it comes out I hope we get a quality version of it for download , would be a shame to watch it in cam quality, but if thats the case Il wait for the dvdrip, anyhoo Il disregard IMDB ratings since surely some haters that are gonna hate shall raid it to ruin its rating, I care not for such things, hell one of my all time favorite movies is the He-Man live action one. It surely wont be epicly mindblowingly awesome as something set in Equestria and concerning a battle between the mane six and some grand villain, with some backstory of the lands history thrown into the mix, but Im sure its fun and in spirit with the show we all know and love, and thats enough for me!