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My plan is for this to be my final comment on the-toast,because I am replying to the most perfect summary ever of the-toast. I have loved you all. I miss you all. The-toast is dead,long live the-toast.

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I miss you already!! 💛 :insert custom toastslack emoji here:

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Nikki, I just want to thank you for everything you have done for the-toast but particularly for writing about your family(s). My family does not look like your family; my parenting-within-this-culture worries are not the same worries that you have written about. But I have never read anyone who wrote about my particular worries, and reading what you had to say — about parenting, about race, about being different from others around you, about the underspoken truths about the way we make our families — has helped me so much, in my insides, in my own process of being the parent I hope my kid deserves. I can't let this week go by without telling you that. Thank you infinitely for your generosity in writing and sharing these things with us.

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I used to just sing my two cats' names very loudly to the tune of the US theme song to "The Office." Just their names. Over and over again. After the first one died (an old lady, a long life) the first time "The Office" came on, I wept harder than the day she actually died.

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it took me an unusually long time to read the memoir because I had to use his voice in my brain to pronounce every word.

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I actually like her a lot! She is bad fucking ass. I keep rooting for her to leave her husband,he is 100% complaining and foodsplaining 100% of the time.

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I have MANY THOUGHTS about it and my YA partner in crime is still MID BOOK and I have no one with whom to discuss itttttttt

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I have a picture of my kid at maybe 10 days old that I took because my wife said "OMG he looks like Adebisi, take a picture before the hat falls off"

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Oh! Thank you! It's been a while since this happened so I had forgotten the correct time parameters

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LW2, here is something I learned about COBRA when I found out the job-I-was-leaving cut my benefits before my end date, and I had a gap until new-job had me covered. You can sign up for COBRA any time in the first six months of leaving your old insurance. And they don't care what happens to you before you sign up.

So hypothetically: you don't sign up for COBRA. Then your kid breaks an arm or something. You can sign up for COBRA even *after* you seek care, and it is retroactive to the date you lost your other coverage. You have to pay for the interceding months, but I think this is a reasonable gamble to take.

I took this gamble! It turned out I only needed to use COBRA for dental, and I paid for like 4 months of coverage, but I was able to avoid paying for medical because my family didn't need any unforeseen care.