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How big were the portions they sent you? Was it pretty much a one-time snack for each item, or do you get several servings? I like the idea of this, but I hesitate to spend $15+shipping on a handful of snacks. Would you say it's worth it?

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Thanks so much for reviewing this! For anyone who is interested in winning a signed copy, I have an ongoing giveaway going on with easy entries. Full details here:
My recent post Life is Fleeting

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What a cute story about your first tooth! Boys can be such stinkers. Sadly, I can't pinpoint my first lost tooth. You would think that's something every child would remember. I remember specific tooth losses, but not which one was the first. But you know, I'm betting my mom remembers!

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Another great tip for saving money is to buy bulk with your friends and divide the supplies (and costs) up. This doesn't work well for everything, but it's great for things like pencils, glue sticks, scissors, etc.

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Why does it seem like all the shows that are different and clever are the ones that meet the chopping block? Pushing Daisies, for example, was wonderfully fresh and clever and just plain different from anything out there. It was loved by those who actually saw it, but for some reason not many people have heard of it. I feel community is the same. Great show, but somehow slipping off the radar. Meanwhile we still have "quality" shows like Survivor airing... ugh.

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Thanks for that! Many times people seem to think being Christian means you have to be meek and just take everything, no matter how terrible. But this is not the case! Sometimes you just need to stand up for yourself. And of course, you can do so in a respectable way. But I don't think there is anything wrong with being direct with people and just saying, "Hey, what's the deal? You need to lay off."