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So I'm assuming TC has investments in Posterous?

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Yes, this post seems like a rumor-builder (also read, comment builder, attention getter, blah blah). The main idea of this post is off the mark. This is most likely to post on top of the recent rumor started by another blog about Google Voice integration.

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“We want to start respecting the inbox”

The day you give me the whole screen of my inbox, is when I will believe you respect my inbox. Your sidebar Ad is a show stopper.

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Are they getting rid of that damn banner Ad? I'm not coming back until then.

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You have quoted lots of original content. Makes no sense to me. I say you're in error.

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This new Google UI reminds me of old Yahoo, MSN and Bing. Poor job.

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There are couple of things here.

ID is not implemented widely or at least I don't come across it as much as I do the Disqus and others.

ID is good looking and has many additional features. One that I just discovered here after conversing is the ability to only get the email on the replies instead of the whole thread. This is marvelous.

So I'm not sure, after much time has passed between your Automatic acquisition, the system is still not deployed on blogs. I remember the excitement this created when it was announced but the integration never materialized.

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What I find interesting about ID and Wordpress integration is that could never benefit from it. You may have a good technical reasons on why ID cannot be installed on blogs but I don't see much value in a feature which I can't use at my own site. Thanks for the reply and clarification.

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>>While we've added Facebook Connect and Twitter Sign-In support<<

I don't know what I may be missing but I don't see above on my blog.